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Wednesday, August 03, 2011


Our Beautiful Palestine in Art

Whispers of Palestine

Whispers of Palestine

he Jerusalem Fund Gallery invites you to 
Whispers of Palestine
Photographs by Bassima Mustafa
August 12- September 23, 2011
Opening reception to meet the artist:

Friday, August 12, 6:00-8:00 p.m.
Open to the Public | Free | No RSVP Needed

Cool olive groves on a hot summer day, a perfect exhibition for a hot August. New Jersey photographer Mustafa’s “Whispers of Palestine” revisits her family’s olive groves, to trace Palestine through its land and architecture, which she feels are integral to understanding the country and its history.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011


In Praise of the Israeli Spring

Not to be outdone by the Tunisians or the Egyptians, 120,000 Israelis are marching in the streets because of  the high cost of housing and groceries.  It's even being referred to as #J14, i.e., July 14, reminiscent of the dates attached to the Tunisian and Egyptian people's uprisings.


Remi Kanazi

Monday, August 01, 2011


Israeli Army Kills Aspiring Journalist Mutassim Issa Udwan

22-year-old Mutasim Issa Udwan was killed by Israeli army this morning as they shot indiscriminately in #Qalandia refugee camp he sustained a gunshot wound to the head #Palestine #occupation I am sorry to resume my blog on such a grim note.  According to Palestine Festival of Literature, Mutassim was an aspiring journalist.  He was only twenty-two years old.  He was killed by random fire and Israel soldiers pillaged houses during an early morning raid. In addition another Palestinian, Ali Khalifa was killed.  Israel routinely raids Palestinian refugee camps and villages,ransacks houses and arrests young men. Ma'an News Agency provides more information.

Monday, June 07, 2010


Plain Speaking from Helen Thomas, Dean of White House Press Corps

The Diab family.  Three generations of Palestinian refugees, their village was depopulated in 1948 and its buildings destroyed.  Israel has ruled out any repatriation of the millions of Palestinians in the Diabs' position because that would jeopardise the Jewish majority in the world's only Jewish state. 

Avigdor Lieberman.  He's from Moldova.  He came to Palestine in 1978.  If you are a former bouncer from Soviet Moldova, welcome to Palestine.

A Russian family who went to Palestine in 2008.

And this lady is from LA.  She plans to join the Israeli Defense Forces in October.

Helen Thomas is vilified for speaking plainly and truthfully, as so many Palestinians and their supporters have been since the artificial imposition of a "Jewish" state in Palestine.

"Tell them to get the hell out of Palestine. These people are occupied.

"Go home. Poland Germany and America and everywhere else."

Helen Thomas, American-Arab, Dean of White House Press Corps

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Big Deal Over Edward Said on AP Lit Test

When the 2010 AP Literature and Composition Test Free Response Questions were released, there were initially twenty responses of a relatively mundane nature on the AP Lit teacher listserv.  Teachers were concerned over which part of the prompt on which students would mess up; i.e., "I'm sure my kids will have blown the phrase 'both alienating and enriching' and instead written on only one or the other."  Edward Said's name wasn't mentioned, nor was anyone concerned about his designation as "Palestinian-American."  Just normal teacher talk, and many agreed that the three free response questions (there is one in which students analyze a poem; one in which students analyze a prose passage, and then the third question (the "controversial" one) to which students must answer  based upon a novel, play, or epic they've read.  This is the prompt which ultimately inspired a lot of noise and obfuscation (although I admit it was a big, BIG deal for me to read the prompt for the first time; I felt as if I was flying).

"Palestinian American literary theorist and cultural critic Edward Said has written that "Exile is strangely compelling to think about but terrible to experience.  It is the unhealable rift forced between a human being and a native place, between the self and its true home: its essential sadness can never be surmounted."  Yet, Said has also said that exile can become  "a potent, even enriching" experience.

Select a novel, play, or epic in which a character experiences such a rift and becomes cut off from "home," whether that home is a character's birthplace, family, homeland, or other special place.  Then write an essay in which you analyze how that character's experience with exile is both alienating and enriching, and how this experience illuminates the meaning of the work as a whole.  You may choose a work from the list below or one of comparable literary merit.  Do not merely summarize the plot.

The American
Angle of Repose
Another Country
As You Like It
Brave New World
Crime and Punishment
Doctor Zhivago
Heart of Darkness
Invisible Man
Jane Eyre
Jude the Obscure
King Lear
The Little Foxes
Madame Bovary
The Mayor of Casterbridge
My Ántonia
The Odyssey
One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich
The Other
Paradise Lost
The Poisonwood Bible
A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
The Road
Robinson Crusoe
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead
Sister Carrie"

My message to the AP Literature Listserv:

I have taught AP Literature and Composition for 17 years, and I am also a Palestinian-American; my father immigrated to the United States in 1951. This is my first time to comment on this board.

About a year ago, when I read that Edward Said was a recommended non-fiction writer in the AP Literature and Compostion Course description, I felt elation, affirmation and a bit less "exiled."

My students took Form B, and until I saw Form A on the College Board website last Thursday, I didn't know that a prompt inspired by Edward Said was used. I was excited, overjoyed and incredulous when I read the prompt.
Edward Said is Palestinian; Edward Said experienced exile, and Edward Said is a brilliant thinker and considered by many in academia to be one of the great intellects of the twentieth century. He is revered and respected not only by Palestinians, but also by many, many others.

The initial responses on this board on May 8 were rational and ones I would expect from teachers of literature. Much of what ensued later was mere obfuscation and noise. Dixie Dellinger, in her post in regard to "prejudice" gets to the heart of the matter.

"I don't want to be in this fray either, since it arose because of The Test, but I see it as pretty simple at the core. It's a matter of prejudice, one of the most emotional and least rational of mental constructs . . .

"We do not indulge that prejudice because of the students' feelings. We acknowledge them, but we do not validate or legitimize them. "

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Christmas Eve Morning

Monday, December 21, 2009


Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign: Jamal Juma’, coordinator of the Stop the Wall Campaign, in Israeli jail

Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign: Jamal Juma’, coordinator of the Stop the Wall Campaign, in Israeli jail

Thursday, September 10, 2009


What Would Jesus Say (to a Zio-Christian)?

Holy Family Catholic Church in Ramallah
Time to re-visit, as administrators like to say, the Christian Zionists. This is a response to the usual blather from one of the the Armageddon is nigh types:

You ask rhetorically, Who Are the Palestinians? just before you admonish them to take up residence in one of the twenty-two Arab countries so that European and American Jews may live in Palestine without Arabs.

What you don't seem to get, full of the usual canards that you are is that Palestinians are a diverse people, just like any people. We certainly are not all alike. I am a Christian Palestinian; twenty percent of the Palestinians are Christian. We are the original stones; that is, the original Christians descended from the apostles. My father was born in Ramallah, which before 1948, was a totally Christian village. I can asssure you that none of my relatives nor I wish to see Jews obliterated.

Most Palestinians would just like to return to their towns and villages from which they were expelled to make way for European and American Jews. I think that it is very sad that our grandmothers and grandfathers may not return to their villages to be buried, yet any Jew, from anywhere in the world may immigrate to Israel and become an instant citizen. I wonder how Christ would view this injustice.

Would Christ be happy that Zionist Jews shoot children in the head and the heart? Johnny Thalijieh was an altar boy at a Greek Orthodox Church; he was shot by an Israeli soldier while he was standing in front of his uncle's store. Do you know that the Christian villagers of Bir'im watched as the Israelis bombed their village in the 1950's? Even though the villagers wanted to live peacefully among the Israelis and didn't even want the part of the land back that European Jews had stolen from them, the Israelis wanted to assure that they would not return so they bombed their beloved village.

Would Christ condone land theft and house demolitions? Would Christ condone a Zionist Jewish settler in Hebron who screams "whore" at her Palestinian neighbor and directs her children to throw rocks at her in hopes that she'll leave her home?

I find it very arrogant to expect my relatives and countrymen to leave their homes and take up residence in any Arab country so that European and American Jews may continue to devastate and wreck havoc in what once was a Holy and peaceful land. We do not come from Syria; we do not come from Saudi Arabia; we do not come from Qatar or Dubai or Kuwait; our home is Palestine. This is a story that I wrote about Christian Zionists:

An Apology From a US Christian to Palestinians

This is my apology for Christians in the US to Muslims, the Arab World, and particularly Palestinians. Too many of my co-religionists have made a travesty of the Golden Rule which unequivocally compels us, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

For example Ed McAteer, founder of the Moral Majority, and a Christian Zionist who doesn't believe Israel should relinquish any of the illegally occupied territories, was asked by Bob Simon of CBS News: "What about the three million Palestinians who live on the West Bank and Gaza?"Simon said that McAteer suggested that " . . . the bulk of them could be cleansed . . . and moved to some Arab country."

Not to be outdone, Kay Arthur, of Precept Ministries, an organization that leads tours to Israel, told Simon that Yitzak Rabin's signing of the Oslo Accords was a mistake " . . . and I believe that God stopped it by the things that happened," a not so indirect reference to Rabin's death by assassination.

In March 2002, Ariel Sharon invaded the occupied territories again. George Bush unequivocally told him to get out. Jerry Falwell launched a campaign in which his minions, estimated at 20-26 million, phoned, e-mailed, and wrote letters to Bush and Congress. Bush didn't say another word as Sharon unleashed another vicious attack on the indigenous people of the occupied territories and Falwell boasted, "The Bible Belt is Israel's safety net in the US."

One incitement to hatred that I found particularly appalling from my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ is the following from the Fourth International Christian Congress on Biblical Zionism.

"We also urge the Church to recognize that local Christian Arabs have been living under unbearable circumstances due to abusive Islamic coercion and intimidation."

My father was a Palestinian Orthodox Christian. When he lay dying four years ago, the person who visited him most frequently, and who came a long way from Northern California to do so was the son of a prominent Jerusalem Muslim cleric. Indeed, my father and Sa'eb were friends for most of their adult lives. For US Christian Zionists to make a proclamation about supposed animosity between Muslim and Christian Palestinians is the height of audacity and ignorance.

Indeed, the fate of the Christian Palestinian is no different than that of the Muslim if these millions strong fanatical hatemongers hold sway. In fact, Palestinians are chastised for seeking solace in Christ for their suffering. To the Christian Zionists it is no more than "exploitation of His suffering and sacrifice for temporal and devious political purposes."

Christian Zionist websites still peddle misinformation that has been debunked not only by Palestinian historians, but also Israeli historians. "There simply is no distinct Palestinian entity," proclaims retired Brigadier General James Hutchens of the JerUSAlem Connection. Particularly galling is his pernicious use of the word "so-called" when putting "Palestinian" before people.

And then he proceeds to pontificate on what we are "in reality." People without a "distinct culture." People to whom he referred in "An Open Letter to President Bush," as "from God's viewpoint . . . the illegal occupants, not the Israelis."

Christian Zionist websites repeatedly bleat that Allah is not "our" God although as a Christian Palestinian I call upon God, "Ya Allah." As the daughter of a Christian Palestinian I am the descendent of the original stones, the first Christians, although the Christian Zionists consider my Palestinian brethren, both Muslim and Christian as "illegal" occupants of the land to which they're indigenous. It is particulary hateful for these Bible Belters to make the ignorant assumption that Palestinians lack a discernable "culture." Assuming that they did not have a distinct culture, does it give anyone a right to ethnically cleanse them? To the Christian Zionists, Palestinians are the children of a lesser God.

For their malice, for their perversion of Christianity, for their promulgation of lies regarding the Palestinian people and their history in Palestine, for their demonisation of the Palestinians, for their lack of regard for the dwindling numbers of their co-religionists in Palestine, for the lies that their leaders spew about God; i.e., "Those who promote a Palestinian state have placed themselves in alliance against God," for their incitement to hatred, for their advocating ethnic cleansing, for their role in promoting Israel's repressive measures in the occupied territories, for those who believe as does Gary Bauer, co-founder of Stand For Israel, that it is an "obscenity" to give up land for peace, and for their complete and total abdication of the Golden Rule, I apologize to the Palestinians on behalf of US Christians.

For those US Christians among us who are appalled at what our co-religionists are doing in our name, and who still consider "the least of their brethren," please look to those Palestinian Christians such as Reverend Naim Ateek, the founder of liberation theology, and an advocate of "spirituality based on justice, peace, nonviolence, and love." That's what I thought Christianity was all about. Let us not allow it to be hijacked by the fanatics.

Monday, August 17, 2009


Why Do We Embrace Zionists Like Uri Avnery?

It never ceases to amaze me that Palestinians promote Zionist writers and thinkers. Case in point is Uri Avnery, a man who has never renounced Zionism; in fact, he is a proud Zionist. Helena Cobban in Counterpunch points out that Avnery seems to plead with Dov Yermiya, who recently renounced Zionism, to reconsider. Avnery, who obviously knows better or should know better if he could get beyond his tribal affinity, writes about a vision of Zionism that was in its incipient stages more "idealistic." One wonders what's idealistic about a state built upon the ruins of another culture and civilization; one wonders what's idealistic and laudable about a state which has refugees at its gates seeing Jews from all over the world reaping the benefits from ill gotten gains, yet Avnery rivals the best of the Zionist proselytizers:

“You, Dov, have invested in this state much too much to turn your back on it in a gesture of anger and despair. The most hackneyed and worn-out slogan in Israel is also true: ‘We don't have another state!’

“Other states in the world have sunk to the depths of depravity and committed unspeakable crimes, far beyond our worst sins, and still brought themselves back to the family of nations and redeemed their souls."

Would that Avnery was concerned for the Palestinian refugees he and his fellow European Jews have supplanted rather than bringing an ex-Zionist back into the fold.

Cobban's story

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Why Don't You Go Back From Where You Came?

Isn't She Lovely?
This woman from the US made "Aliyah" to Israel. Don't expect me to tell you she has the "right" to haul herself and her family to Palestine when many Palestinian refugees live within a stone's throw of their property and contrary to international law are not allowed to return.
Zionist propagandists never tire of repeating that Arabs have twenty-two countries, Jews have only one, but try telling a Zionist to go back from where he/she came, and be prepared for an all out assault.

My friend and mentor, Annie Annab, writes daily letters to the media in regard to the Palestinians’ universally recognized right of return. She often points out how many Jews enjoy rights and privileges in two countries, i.e., those who have dual American/Israeli citizenship, whereas the indigenous Palestinians have no rights anywhere.
The Zionists, after usurping and destroying our land, as well as anti-Zionists, have a propensity to own the conversation, here, there, and everywhere. My late father was correct when he told me that the world would know about what really happened in Palestine when the Jews wanted it to know. Now, I will be called an anti-Semite, but consider, when Palestinians speak, no one listens. Case in point is today when Amnesty International revealed that Palestinians carrying white flags during Israel’s Cast Lead horror were shot. Every Palestinian who subscribes to a list serve knew this months ago, but now it's made the news.
When we do speak honestly, we risk careers or we are vilified and marginalized. I used to write at Daily Kos, but I was banned. At the time I was banned, I was the last Palestinian standing. Recently, a couple of Palestinians have joined the ranks, but for a long while only so-called anti-Zionist Jews could present their version of the Palestinian story at Daily Kos. I say "so-called," because some of them did not advocate for right of return.
To elaborate on my point that we risk careers if we speak out, let me reveal what happened at a social justice presentation I recently attended. I can’t reveal the particulars or I will most assuredly not make the cut to be a social justice trainer for a very large US organization. But what is telling to me is that many Jews were comfortable speaking before the group in regard to how their worldview was shaped by the Holocaust, but I could not get up and ask the presenters how in the hell could they presume to talk about social justice and not even mention the Palestinians?
Many Jews, who are Palestinian sympathizers, actually serve the function of mitigating Israel's image as a pariah state, and most likely would prefer that we steer away from uncomfortable questions, and when we don’t; for example, when we ask someone like Rabbi Arik Aschermann of Rabbis for Human Rights, “Why don’t you go back to America,” we risk being called “radicals” and worse. We’re supposed to be so grateful that there are Jews who support us, even, as in the case of the highly touted “kinder and gentler” Zionist Martin Buber, who for all his humaneness, lived in the usurped house of Edward Said.
Some of the really nasty Zionists at Daily Kos kept harping on some blog post I’d written on my own blog in a distant past in which I used the term “Zionist occupied America,” and, as if to prove my point, they called upon me to repudiate this phrase (they also were ticked because I’d compared a little Palestinian girl to Anne Frank). But America is Zionist occupied. The fact that I may not get up and speak freely in a forum about social justice is all the evidence that I need that if I want this position that’s good for my career I need to STFU. And the fact that Zionists who claim to be Palestinian supporters stop the conversation when we question the legitimacy of Israel, proves the point, also.
Recently, a Palestinian friend of mine who spoke her mind in a Facebook comment section was told "no one likes you" by an American/Iranian/Israeli who gained a little attention when he didn’t shave and put on a "Free Palestine" tee-shirt to walk around Tel Aviv, then wrote about it. Her mistake was to speak candidly instead of humbling herself before his so-called anti-Zionist self. I wonder if he would have written the same sentiment to an African-American. He presumed to tell her how she differed from other Palestinians he’d encountered. As if all nine million of us are alike. Her mistake was not worshipping at the altar of the Palestinian sympathizer who doesn’t sympathize enough to hightail it back to Europe or America and leave Palestine to the Palestinians (and I know that some of them have no place to go; I'm not proposing to throw the Jews into the sea). Her mistake was adhering to the highly radical notion of letting Palestinians interpret themselves for themselves and perhaps her naivete was in believing that there are spaces for us in public forums to speak freely about our own experiences when in fact there are not if one wants approbation from our Zionist and even anti-Zionist friends.

Saturday, August 01, 2009


David Letterman, Get A Clue

I have a problem sending youtube videos to this blog so if you haven't seen this video in which Ayman Abu Aita, whom Sasha Baron Cohen called a "terrorist" on the Letterman show, exposes his blatant Zionist propaganda, go to this link. Ayman is sueing Cohen for his defamation; I hope he is successful, and I hope this disgusting portrayal of Palestinians comes to an end once and for all. People in Letterman's position should know better than to be part of an ethnophobic charade.

Also, check out the Guardian story: The non-profit worker from Bethlehem who was branded a terrorist by Bruno

Promoting the film recently on the David Letterman talkshow in the US,
Baron Cohen explained that finding a "terrorist" to interview for the movie took
several months and some help from a CIA contact. He described the secular
Martyrs Brigades, most of whom signed an amnesty deal with Israel in 2007, as "the number one suicide bombers out there".

Abu Aita said: "My file is clear with the Americans. I was in the states
twice and I travel all the time." He is a Christian Fatah representative – of
the movement's political wing, he stresses – for Bethlehem district. He is also
a member of the board of the Holy Land trust, a non-profit organisation that
works on Palestinian community-building. "I am a non-violent activist and I am
not ashamed of that," he says.


Henry Louis Gates Should Know Better

One would think a leading professor in African-American studies might venture out of his field in regard to the oppression of other people. Evidently, this is not the case for Henry Louis Gates, Jr (thanks David and Mondoweiss):

"’The Case for Israel’ is indispensable reading for those of us who are deeply disturbed by the rise of anti-Semitism in American society, even on college campuses." -Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Chairman, Department of African and African-American Studies at Harvard

"On one of his many visits to Israel, Dershowitz analyzed the Israeli government's program of collective punishment against the Palestinians – demolishing the homes of innocent relatives of those involved in suicide bombing. It is a practice outlawed under international law," writes Bamford.

"Nevertheless, Dershowitz decided to recommend a more effective policy – leveling the buildings in entire villages. 'The next time the terrorists attack,' he said, 'the village's residents would be given twenty-four hours to leave, and then Israeli troops would bulldoze the houses.'"


Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Leonard Cohen is not playing in Ramallah

PACBI Press Release

Occupied Ramallah, 12 July 2009

PACBI has been heartened by the untiring efforts of BDS activists in the US and UK in organizing demonstrations and pickets at Leonard Cohen’s performances in advance of his planned concert in Tel Aviv later this summer. The call, “don’t Play Israel !” has been heard loud and clear.

After exhausting all attempts to convince Cohen to apply his avowed humanistic principles in a morally consistent way by refusing to entertain Israeli apartheid and whitewash its crimes, we called on all supporters of a just peace in our region to shun Cohen's concerts and CDs and to protest his appearances everywhere. In an open letter to Cohen in May, we warned that we considered his performance in Israel a form of complicity in its grave violations of international law; we reminded him that by violating the Palestinian boycott against Israel he would bring back the ugly memory of artists who violated the boycott against apartheid South Africa and insisted to perform at Sun City, drawing condemnation and revulsion by people of conscience the world over [1].

We are now pleased to announce that we have received confirmation from the Palestinian Prisoners' Club Society that they will not be hosting Leonard Cohen in Ramallah. A strong consensus has emerged among all parties concerned that Cohen is not welcome in Ramallah as long as he insists on performing in Tel Aviv, even though it had been claimed that Cohen would dedicate his concert in Palestine to the cause of Palestinian prisoners. Ramallah will not receive Cohen as long as he is intent on whitewashing Israel‘s colonial apartheid regime by performing in Israel.

PACBI has always rejected any attempt to "balance" concerts or other artistic events in Israel--conscious acts of complicity in Israel‘s violation of international law and human rights--with token events in the occupied Palestinian territory. Such attempts at "parity" not only immorally equate the oppressor with the oppressed, taking a neutral position on the oppression (thereby siding with the oppressor, as Desmond Tutu famously said); they also are an insult to the Palestinian people, as they assume that we are naive enough to accept such token shows of "solidarity" that are solely intended to cover up grave acts of collusion in whitewashing Israel‘s crimes. Those sincerely interested in defending Palestinian rights and taking a moral and courageous stance against the Israeli occupation and apartheid should not play Israel , period. That is the minimum form of solidarity Palestinian civil society has called for.

We feel that this is an occasion to reaffirm our position first articulated two years ago in relation to visits to the occupied Palestinian territory by artists, performers, and academics who wish to show solidarity with Palestinians while primarily coming to Israel to perform or participate in academic or artistic activities. As we noted then, Palestinians have always warmly welcomed solidarity visits by international visitors; however, most Palestinians firmly believe that such solidarity visits should not be used as an occasion to organize performances, film screenings or exhibits in mainstream Israeli venues or to give lectures at Israeli universities ; collaborate in any way with Israeli political, cultural or academic institutions; or participate in activities sponsored or supported -- directly or indirectly -- by the Israeli government or any of its agencies [2].

The Cohen team's motives may not be so innocent, however. We believe that the plan for Cohen to perform for Palestinians is an effort to defuse the bad publicity and animated demonstrations by BDS activists at performance venues in several cities. Cohen's managers probably felt that by adding a Ramallah gig at the last minute, they could deflate the growing protest and the PACBI call for boycott against the tour. While this is a reflection of the positive effect the boycott call has generated, it also shows that Tel Aviv is still on the tour agenda. More protests and more publicity about the boycott are needed, and this is why the demonstrations and pickets in London , Liverpool and elsewhere are so welcome.


[1] http://www.pacbi.org/etemplate.php?id=1006
[2] http://www.pacbi.org/etemplate.php?id=539

Saturday, June 20, 2009


On the Occasion of World Refugee Day

Displacement from Ramle, 1948.
Statistics released by UN agencies on the occasion of the 2009 World Refugee Day testify to the fact that Palestinian refugees are the largest and longest standing refugee population world wide. They lack access to just solutions and reparations, including return, because Israel and western governments continue to deny or belittle the scope of the problem and make no effort to respect and implement relevant international law and best practice.

According to a forthcoming Survey of Palestinian Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons for the years 2007-2008 produced by Badil, at least 7.6 million Palestinians have been forcibly displaced since 1948 as a consequence of Israel's systematic policies and practices of colonization, occupation and apartheid. That figure represents 71 percent of the entire worldwide population of 10.6 million Palestinians. Only 28.7 percent of all Palestinians have never been displaced from their homes. (click here for information pdf)

The great majority of the displaced (6.2 million people - 81.5 percent) are Palestinian refugees of 1948 (the Nakba), who were ethnically cleansed in order to make space for the state of Israel and their descendants. This figure includes 4.7 million Palestinian refugees registered with the United Nations (UNRWA) at the end of 2008. The second major group (940,000 – 12.5%) are Palestinian refugees of 1967, who were displaced during the 1967 Arab-Israel war and their descendants.

More attention and concern should be given to the phenomenon of forced displacement of Palestinians because it is ongoing.

Steadily growing populations of internally displaced Palestinians (IDPs) are the result of ongoing forced displacement in Israel (approximately 335,000 IDPs since 1948) and the Occupied Palestinian Territory since 1967 (approximately 120,000 IDPs since 1967). Badil's Survey identifies a set of distinct, systematic and widespread Israeli policies and practices which induce ongoing forced displacement among the indigenous Palestinian population, including deportation and revocation of residency rights, house demolition, land confiscation, construction and expansion of Jewish-only settlements, closure and segregation, as well as threats to life and physical safety as a result of military operations and harassment by racist Jewish non-state actors. Israeli governments implement these policies and practices in order to change the demographic composition of certain areas (“Judaization”) and the entire country for the purpose of colonization.

Data about the scope of ongoing forced displacement of Palestinians is illustrative and indicative, because there is no singular institution or agency mandated and resourced to ensure systematic and sustained monitoring and documentation. The total number of persons displaced in 2007 – 2008 is unknown. UN agencies, however, confirm that 100,000 Palestinians were displaced from their homes in the occupied Gaza Strip at during Israel's military operation at the end of the year; that 198 communities in the OPT currently face forced displacement; and that 60,000 Palestinians in occupied East Jerusalem are at risk of having their home demolished by Israel.

The Palestinian refugee question has remained unresolved and forced displacement continues, because Western governments and international organizations have been complicit in Israel's illegal policy and practice of population transfer and have failed to protect the Palestinian people. Indicators of the severe gaps existing in the protection of Palestinian refugees and IDPs are seen in the recent crises in Iraq - where thousands of Palestinian refugees became stranded on the Jordanian/Syrian and Iraqi borders, Lebanon - where 27,000 Palestinians refugees of the Naher al-Bared camp are still waiting to return to their 2007 destroyed camp, and Gaza - where over 1,400 Palestinians were killed and 100,000 displaced, most of them 1948 refugees).

On this World Refugees Day, Badil calls upon all those concerned with justice, human rights and peace to:

Challenge Israel's racist notion of the “Jewish state” and immediately halt its practices of displacement, dispossession and colonization;

Strengthen the global Campaign for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) in order to ensure that Israel other states become accountable to international law and respect their obligations;

Improve the mechanism of international protection so that all Palestinians receive effective protection from, during and after forced displacement, including the right to return as part of durable solutions and reparation;

Ensure that the Palestinian refugee question is treated in accordance with international law and UN resolutions in future peace negotiations, including return and reparation.

Friday, June 05, 2009


More Comments

In response to some idiotic Zionist diversionary post how partioning Palestine was any different than the partition of Pakistan and India


05 Jun 09, 1:26pm (about 8 hours ago)

I'd be more than happy too talk about the partition:

Partition was seen by the Palestinians as imposing unilateral and intolerable sacrifices on themselves . . . The area of the Jewish state according to the UN plan would actually be larger than that of the proposed Palestinian state (5,500 square miles as compared with 4,500 square miles) at a time when the Jews constituted no more than 35 percent of the population and owned less than 7 percent of the land. Within the proposed Jewish state, Jewish land ownership did not in fact exceed 600 square miles out of the total area of 5,500 square miles. Nearly all the citrus land (equally divided in ownership between Jews and Palestinians), 80 percent of the cereal land (entirely Palestinian-owned), and 40 percent of Palestinian industry would fall within the borders of the proposed Jewish state. Jaffa, the Palestinian state's major port on the Mediterranean, would be altogether cut off from its hinterland, and Gaza would lose its traditional links with the wheatlands of the Negev.

Hundreds of villages would be separated from communal fields and pastures. The Palestinian state would lose direct access both to the Red Sea and to Syria. The economic union between the two states, on which partition had been postulated, was know beforehand to be impracticable. The patchwork of subunits into which partition would divide the country bore little relationship to the human and social realities on the ground.

Khalidi, Walid. Before Their Diaspora: A Photographic History of the Palestinians 1876-1948.Washington DC: Institute For Palestine Studies, 1991.

In response to Berchmans
05 Jun 09, 3:07pm (about 7 hours ago)

## What effrontery. To insist that Palestinians recognize the "right" of of European and American Jews to dispossess them. Like these, who forgot to put their make-up on: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uxt9HwfPwPo ##
The link was horrific. Shocking...I hope this is not what young Israelis in general are like ..I hope they were completely drunk and not like that when they get back into uniform. They really think they are about to die. WTF? They seem to live in a parallel world...WTF is the news there like? No wonder so many Israelis come to CIF ! :)

The maker of the video writes:

As a resident of Jerusalem, I can say that the people represented in this video are not members of a fringe group or simply drunk college kids. These people reflect the sentiments shared by many people in this country and this city. These people and their families are the core of the opposition to meaningful peace between Israel and her neighbors. This is what Obama is up against.


But really, no more shocking than destroying more than five hundred villages and ethnically cleansing more than half of those who became refugees before any Arab army entered Palestine . . . no more shocking than Petra's pretty, polished propaganda. No more shocking than the hysterical rants of those here who divert from the issue, no more shocking than the majority of Israelis who sneer at Obama's very own words:

"Given our interdependence, any world order that elevates one nation or group of people over another will inevitably fail."

No more shocking than denying those people who were born in Palestine and their descendents from stepping foot in their homeland. No more shocking than demonising an entire group. Why do you think a tiny faction of Palestinians engage in violence? Because it is inherent in our nature? Or because of the massive injustice that has been perpetuated on Palestinians? I am not Hamas; I am not Fatah; I am the daughter of a man who had to leave Ramallah in 1951 because his economic prospects were next to nil after Palestine had been truncated in 1948. I would take a bullet before I would acknowledge the "right" of Israel to exist. I am not an extremist. I have the God given right to move freely in the land from which my father and ancestors came, and I will never renounce that right.

05 Jun 09, 5:14pm (about 5 hours ago)

Another Palestinian protesting the theft of his land killed today:
The slain Palestinian was identified as Yousef Aqel Sadiq Srour, 36, who was shot in the chest with live fire, according to medics at the scene.


And par for the course, the Israelis fired on an ambulance:
A Palestinian ambulance was also fired upon, injuring one of its medics, witnesses said.

In response to Zionist diversion:

05 Jun 09, 6:13pm (about 4 hours ago)

I did not say my father was a refugee, but he was a victim of the truncation of his land. Jaffa was a place where many people from Ramallah did business. Once again, the Palestinians are not responsible for what happened to the Jews in Iraq. Many reject the title "refugee," as they were "proud Zionists" who came of their own free will. This is documented in "Hitching A Ride on A Magic Carpet." There were also black ops on the part of the Zionists facilitating the exodus from Iraq. There is no moral equivalence here, but we know that marching orders of Zionists are to mention Jewish refugeees every time Palestine's refugeees are mentioned. This is a bill that came up in the US Congress. Zionism is the root cause of the problem. All else is diversion.

Further Zionists attempts to divert and dissemble and claim that the Palestinians opposed to partition were Nazis (I'm not including their comments):

05 Jun 09, 6:44pm (about 3 hours ago)


Your claim "and starting in the mid-1920s, the development of the land, exclusively due to Jewish immigrants' efforts (as all historical sources agree) attracted a lot of Arab immigrants" is disgraceful. Any fool can check out the photographs at Palestineremembered.com to disprove your disingenous and egregious denial of the Palestinian presence on the land. And anyone may leaf through the photos of numerous books including Before Their Diaspora by Walid Khalidi to see the Palestinian farmers, potters, businessmen, etc. who were thriving prior to the European Jewish immigration. We were not primitives, but had a well developed agrarian and cosmopolitan society.

The Mufti is another diversion; the term Nakba isn't employed because the truncation of Palestine was considered a picnic by Palestinians.

05 Jun 09, 7:20pm (about 3 hours ago)
I never claimed that my father was a refugee; for the second time a Zionist says I claimed something I didn't say in order to discredit me. Then you make some claim about my father, whom you know nothing about.

And if the Zionists did so well with the land, why don't you read Raja Shehadeh's Palestinian Walks. He does a great job of claiming how the hills around Ramallah were decimated by the people who claim to love the land so much.

You continue to go out of your way to deny Palestinians rights on their own lands. It's really rich that a German immigrant calls me an extremist for insisting that Palestinians have the right to live on their own land. You are the extremist, Petra, bringing up other situations in order to justify Israel's continuing oppression of Palestinians.

05 Jun 09, 7:34pm (about 2 hours ago)

Typical Zionist tactic, Petra, throwing up a lot of bs in order to mislead.

I said Palestine was an agrarian and cosmopolitan society; where do I mention the fellahin?
I didn't say anything about the Mufti other than throwing him up is another Zionist diversionary tactic, and I didn't say anything about Jews in Arab lands, which has nothing to do with Palestinians, other than some left of their own accord and some left because of Zionist black op operations.

And Petra, destroying hundreds of villages is wrong. And ethnically cleansing a civilian population is wrong. And trying to justify it is also wrong.

Let me quote Salman Abu Sitta's words to Gershon Baskin:

The Palestinians, and most of the world with them, are determined to pursue justice, eradicate racism and Apartheid. Just as South Africa did. They have no intention of disappearing.
Baskin, true friendship should go to the Israelis to help shake them off their collective amnesia about what they have done and are doing to the Palestinians and to advise them that their salvation lies in shedding racism fully and forever. They have to amend their ways, reverse ethnic cleansing and make reparations.

For it is clear that the history of Jews will ultimately be marked indelibly, and above all other historical events, by what they have done in Palestine.

05 Jun 09, 8:13pm (about 2 hours ago)

It's hypocritical for Zionist apologists to hold Palestinians responsible for the actions of one man, considering the alliance made between the Stern Gang and Nazis.
And this really has nothing to do with the ongoing oppression of the Palestinians.

05 Jun 09, 8:19pm (about 2 hours ago)

Dr. Abu Sitta has a very pragmatic approach.

The Right of Return is Feasible.


And no, Ehad, Palestinians did not immigrate to Palestine and steal the land and dispossess the people; we were there; Jewish immigrants from all over the world did this. And there are no excuses for what the Zionists did to Palestine and what they continue to do.

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