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Monday, August 17, 2009


Why Do We Embrace Zionists Like Uri Avnery?

It never ceases to amaze me that Palestinians promote Zionist writers and thinkers. Case in point is Uri Avnery, a man who has never renounced Zionism; in fact, he is a proud Zionist. Helena Cobban in Counterpunch points out that Avnery seems to plead with Dov Yermiya, who recently renounced Zionism, to reconsider. Avnery, who obviously knows better or should know better if he could get beyond his tribal affinity, writes about a vision of Zionism that was in its incipient stages more "idealistic." One wonders what's idealistic about a state built upon the ruins of another culture and civilization; one wonders what's idealistic and laudable about a state which has refugees at its gates seeing Jews from all over the world reaping the benefits from ill gotten gains, yet Avnery rivals the best of the Zionist proselytizers:

“You, Dov, have invested in this state much too much to turn your back on it in a gesture of anger and despair. The most hackneyed and worn-out slogan in Israel is also true: ‘We don't have another state!’

“Other states in the world have sunk to the depths of depravity and committed unspeakable crimes, far beyond our worst sins, and still brought themselves back to the family of nations and redeemed their souls."

Would that Avnery was concerned for the Palestinian refugees he and his fellow European Jews have supplanted rather than bringing an ex-Zionist back into the fold.

Cobban's story

What you say Umkallil is true, yet you once called Avnery a "soft" Zionist, whose meaning is now unclear to me. I think that he is an advocate of two states, against the occupation and colonialism in the territories, and for equal rights fo everyone in Israel. I don't know his position on the right of return.

Although of an advanced age, he is often personally involved in protests in the territories, like Bi'lin, and leads protest efforts inside of Israel conducted by his organization, Gush Shalom.

A half a loaf is better than none, even though I disagree with his position on the Israel boycott and his apologetics for Zionism.
past i minute a half loaf is no good.

avnery is a zionist. avnery wants 2 states so that he can enjoy his thievery in peace.
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