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Saturday, December 17, 2005


Close Encounters of the Zio-lite Princess Kind: Revised and Reprised

Prisons within prisons within prisons- and the biggest prison of all is Zionist thought Anne Selden Annab

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Twenty years ago I met a well known Palestinian artist from Yaffa. I had gone to the PLO Office in Tokyo and was told that a man from Ramallah also lived in the area and a meeting was arranged. Turned out that he'd attended the Friends School in Ramallah with my aunts and uncles. He and his distinguished family became refugees from Yaffa in 1948 and relocated to Ramallah.

When I called my father to tell him that I'd met someone from Ramallah, my father replied, "He's not from Ramallah; he's from Yaffa." Well, of course he wasn't originally from Ramallah. Being in Ramallah for thirty-two years still didn't mean my new friend was from Ramallah. I wonder how many recent Jewish arrivals can pinpoint their origins in Palestine and the origins of other Jews. Rhetorical question. None. It's not difficult for Palestinians.

My first husband, my oldest daughter, and I drove from Yokosuka every Sunday and attended the famous Nikoleido Japanese Orthodox Church to join Farid and his family. He, his Japanese wife, and his two little girls and my family usually went to eat after church. Anyway, Farid has had a profound influence on me. One time he told me that he didn't live in Ramallah anymore because he did not want to live under Israeli subjugation.

In Tokyo, Zionist subjugation is not as oppressive as it is in the West. Lately, as I've been in and out of the Zionist blogosphere, I and other Palestinian and Palestinian supporters, who refuse to accept Zionist parameters for discourse, have felt the long arm of the condescending Zionist blogsphere. Let me explain.

Recently, a Canadian posted a story on her blog about a journalism conference she'd attended in Amman. She wrote that a Palestinian cameraman had witnessed an execution of a teenage collaborator, who was denied, despite pleas, "one phone call" to his mother to tell her that he loved her. The cameraman managed to film all of this undetected. Lisa, the Canadian, in a comment claims she saw the footage later in Ramallah.

I first heard about Lisa from Canada through Mobius from the US. Both have recently made what the Zionists call "Aliyah" to Israel. We Palestinians have another name for it--colonial racism. Mobius took it upon himself to smear Haitham Sabbah, a Palestinian blogger. Lisa commented about all the "hateful" comments to Mobius' post about Haitham, and Mobius then, out of deference to Lisa's tender Zio-lite sensibilites deleted all the "denigrating" comments that ensued about Lisa, including mine regarding the fact that she was a Canadian who could go to Palestine and be granted instant citizenship although my friends like Farid indigenous to Yaffa couldn't be buried in the town of their birth. Both Mobius and Lisa set the parameters for what constitutes a "good" Palestinian. Zionists like to do that. Sort of nervy, if you ask me. I mean go insert yourself on someone else's land because maybe one of your ancestors belonged to a tribe (one of many) that passed through Palestine a couple thousand years ago and then start setting the parameters for how the indigenous people may relate to you.

Anyway, I don't have the energy to deal with Mobius in this post. The Ziolite Princess Lisa and her admiring commenter and fellow blogger, Judy, will suffice for now. Sister Adina also comprises Princess Lisa's court.

One reads a lot about getting to know the "other" on Lisa's site and, as mentioned, in addition to Judy, she has a little sister attending upon her, Adina, who rebukes anyone who she feels isn't "nice" to Lisa. Here's Adina in response to an inquiry regarding the veracity of the post. The commenter, cutter, found her comment later deleted for claiming that the story sounded hoakey.

It is not Palestians or Right-wingers (or anyone else who has absurdly
shouted conspiracy that Lisa is "censoring" when she removes comments), but
the tedious mouth breathers who have an agenda they want to impose at the
first mention of Israel/Palestine on a personal blog. Just sit back and read the stories about a person's life for once. I
might be biases, as I am her sister, but I think this is some great writing!

In other words, "Shut up and just sit back and disregard any political implications of a story about a teenager whose pleas for one last phone call to his mother to tell her that he loved her before he was shot through the back of the head were disregarded by heartless Palestinians goons." Nothing political there, Adina.

There's also the aforementioned condescending (to Palestinians) Judy who comments on Lisa's sweetness and light blog. Judy's one of Lisa's main admirers. Judy loves to quibble about Palestinian deaths. There's nothing Zio-lite about ol' Judy who extolls the virtues of Jewishness at every opportunity. Judy is quick with an obtuse comment when Lisa posts about her mother admonishing the young Lisa for taking one piece of candy from the store (I guess it's OK to steal someone else's country).

I think your mother most likely was brought up with the Jewish values of honesty, integrity and awareness of the need to treat others how we would want to be treated. And the belief that you can and should explain and teach them to your children from their earliest years, not resort to punishing them when they do something they don't know they shouldn't.

"Maybe she did know some Kant, and maybe not. But those values were there long before Kant was born, and I imagine that's where she got them from.

All honour to her, and to you for acknowledging what you learnt from her."

Here's Judge Judy on "good" Palestinians, and how Lisa may encourage them to shake off their chains [in reference to the alleged cameraman who witnessed the alleged summary execution and who allegedly did nothing with the film he shot].

There are a few brave Palestinians who are beginning to reject the suppression of such "realities" in the name of loyalty to the Palestinian cause. I hope your story will add to their number and encourage them.

Certainly, huge numbers of Israelis, faced with an atrocity like this done by Israelis to Palestinians, would not have hesitated to publicise it, and to ensure it reached the wider world.

But of course. Israelis are taught by their mothers, in Kantian fashion, not to steal candy from grocery stores.

To Lisa and Judy there are myriads of ways Palestinians and their supporters may be bad. One way is to not acknowledge the good that Lisa is doing in the world. A "good" Palestinian or supporter of Palestinians, doesn't question the veracity of a Zionist's posts. Actually, I brought the story to the big, bad cutter's attention. Her use of the word "hoaky" regarding Lisa's "story" brought abuse upon her from the "nice" folks who comment at Lisa's blog; I mentioned earlier that her comments were deleted, and then she was subsequently banned, not fit to mingle with the Zio-lites, unabashed Zios, and their "house" Palestinians.

Back to the story. It just doesn't wash.

The boy was crying. He begged the militants to allow him one phone call; he wanted to call his mother to tell her he loved her.

The militants refused and prepared to shoot the boy in the back of the head. Just as they aimed their guns, the crying boy screamed out, "Mom, I love you!"

Then they shot him.

I was surprised that I hadn't heard about it before; after all Palestine Center for Human Rights catalogs meticulously both Palestinian and Israeli acts of violence. Contrary to know-it-all Zionists, Palestinian news organizations and NGO's do publicize Palestinian violence and are prone to self-criticism, just like any other group of people.

It also struck me as odd that a teenage boy's last words would be "I love you, Mother." "Ya ima," yes; that's plausible, but "I love you,mother"? The posting of the story is calculated to present Palestinians in the worst possible light in the guise of empathising with the other; in this case concerned Israeli sincerely presenting "conflicted" Palestinian cameraman with a conscience who did nothing because of the big bad national movement, concern for his family, etc. Pretty crafty Zionistic hasbara.

Yet, "Lisa just writes her stories," sister Adina said, and if we want to be a courtier we must accept them as such or else "off with their comments." Just as Cutter was banned for her "political" agenda, another pal of mine, nony, a Palestinian, was deleted for the rather innocuous comment:

I am happy you have settled in Tel Aviv, looks like you get around...
What is the point of your post?
you portray this incident through a narrow lens

Well, the not-so-nice Zionist in Lisa comes out when Pals don't fall in line with her Zio-lite ways:

"To be perfectly blunt, you are simply not welcome here anymore," she commented to cutter.

And I leave you with one last comment from the Zionist gatekeeper, our lovely Princess Lisa, to an inquiry regarding the event at which the cameraman allegedly told his story:

... given the kind of readers this blog has been attracting lately I'd better not put the organization at risk by mentioning its name here...

That's very "nice" of you, Lisa. Enjoy your little sojourn in occupied Palestine. Your last little vestige of colonial racism is at risk despite the slick hasbara you propagate.

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