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Friday, December 16, 2005


Judge Judy Advises Pals to Look to Scion of Zion Ben-Gurion For Moral Edification: The Reprise

This comment below which appeared on recent North American immigrant to Israel, Yael's blog is just too rich. It is also blatantly untrue since Judy never contacted me, and as far as I know it is perfectly within the scope of blogging to deconstruct bull, which I did when I deconstructed her effort to make out ethnic cleanser David Ben Gurion as some sort of moral pillar and moral light unto the Palestinians (would that be a night light?).

To show just how unintimidated I am by arch Zionist Judy, I will reprise my entry about her Ode to Ben-Gurion, which follows her comment. Of course, Zionists go to great lengths to stifle Palestinians and their supporters, one need only read former Congressman Paul Findley's They Dare to Speak Out for a myriad of examples.

And to save all the smear artists the trouble, suffice it to say, as another "builder of bridges" said in Yael's blog about me "Ignore her, she is stuck somewhere in the 1970s. Took a look at her blog and boy, just when you have some hope for the future, you read something like that and get depressed. She wakes up hating and goes to sleep hating, and she is jealous of people that don't. No point in even arguing with someone like that, she is too bigoted and consumed with hatred and self-loathing for a failed life. The best revenge is staying happy and making a great life here in Israel."

O.K., Zionists so take a breather and spare me the accolades since it's already been said that I'm a hater and I loathe myself for a failed life; the commenter left out "racist," and "anti-Semite," so those two appellations are still open.

Judy's baseless comment:

Dear Yael

If you would like to email me from my blog site, I would like to let you know how I dealt successfully with attacks on Lisa and myself (and others) by Umkhalil. She was forced to remove the offending pages. It is also a decisive way of dealing with offensive commenters. Please do get in touch. And my sympathy and best wishes. Abuse has no place on the internet,but unfortunately there are too many people who think it does.

Shabbat Shalom
Judy Homepage 12.16.05 - 6:21 am #

And my post about Judy reprised:

Judge Judy Advises Pals to Look to Scion of Zion Ben-Gurion for Moral Edification

My journey through the Zio-hasbara-blogosphere led me to Judge Judy's admonishment to the savage Palestinians to look to David Ben Gurion, the scion of Zion, for edification. Judge Judy was so impressed with Princess Lisa's story that in "A tale of shame and darkness" the venerable old gal quotes Ben-Gurion liberally and ponders why Palestinians haven't produced a leader of such calibre to speak out unequivocably against "gangsterism" in Palestinian society. There are numerous bodies and leaders in Palestinian society who do criticise elements of Palestinan society; certainly the oppressor is in no moral position to preach to Palestinians in this regard.

Now this is for all those in the West who might be taken in by Judy's hasbara, rather blatant, on a relative scale, but since according to Kathleen Christinson, eighty-five percent of Americans think that Palestine occupies Israel, Judy's playing for a gullible audience. Judge Judy, the savior of the Palestinian people, prefaces her moral edification tale by likening Israel's decimation of Palestine's infrastructure in 2002 to an "Israeli anti-terrorist action on the West Bank, following a whole series of suicide bombs that had rocked Israel and murdered hundreds."

Then she proceeds to rehash the story that Lisa allegedly heard from a Palestinian cameraman in regard to his witnessing of an execution of a Palestinian teenager by a militant Palestinian group. But let's let Judge Judy tell the story:

It seems from the post that the Palestinian journalists, including the cameraman, did not find it a simple issue of loyalty, since they chose to share with a group of Israeli journalists what is after all a shameful story of the vicious and heartless murder of a teenager .

Then Judge Judy not missing a beat offers: "Think of the hundreds of articles and web pages that have appeared on the subject of the killing of Mohammed al-Dura. Which seems to be a story which has now had the greatest doubt cast on it."

Oh, the "slings and arrows" of Israeli hasbarists in the guise of advisor to the Palestinians.

Well, maybe, Judge Judy, Palestinians don't look to David Gruen aka Ben-Gurion as their moral savior because he ever so politely advocated their ethnic cleansing:

"With compulsory transfer we [would] have a vast area [for settlement] .... I support compulsory transfer. I don't see anything immoral in it." as quoted by Israeli historian Benny Morris in Righteous Victims.

And speaking of children's deaths. Defence for Children International, as of December 6, 2005 reports that 728 Palestinian children under the age of 18 have been killed by Israeli soldiers and settlers since September 2000, and 320 are currently in detention. Do the scions of Zion have any advice for that?

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