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Saturday, December 17, 2005


Another Reprise: Solomonia, Judge Judy, and the Princess

I had posted three stories related to this post from the On the Face blog. I deleted them not because of any pressure from anyone; I never heard from this woman, yet she claims she dealt with me in a comment she posted on this blog

Dear Yael

If you would like to email me from my blog site, I would like to let you know how I dealt successfully with attacks on Lisa and myself (and others) by Umkhalil. She was forced to remove the offending pages. It is also a decisive way of dealing with offensive commenters. Please do get in touch. And my sympathy and best wishes. Abuse has no place on the internet,but unfortunately there are too many people who think it does.

Shabbat Shalom
Judy Homepage 12.16.05 - 6:21 am #

My offense was posting the picture of Yael, which everyone may see at her paen to colonisation blog here. This sweet young thing was spurred to write the following:
Unfortunately, I do not thank you Umkahlil. Please remove my photo from your website. I do not allow and in no way authorize use of my image on any blog that advocates hate and intolerance. I'm not providing a link to your blog above because I don't link to blogs, of any faith, nationality or creed that advocate hatred, violence, or intolerance

Well, here is another reprise [slightly edited] from the archives of Umkahlil, who the Zionists have stuck with the following appellations: "anti-Semite," "racist," "hater"; and my favorite--"stuck in the seventies."

Unholy Trinity: Solomonia, Judge Judy, and the Princess

I see that the Ueberzionist, Solomonia, has linked to Judge Judy via Princess Lisa. Now if I had to walk by Solomonia, I'd want at least two members of Christian Peacemakers by my side or, on second thought, I might just opt for homeschooling. If Princess Lisa is Zio-lite, Solomonia is rotgut. I wouldn't be surprised if Little Green Footballs and FrontPage will have picked up the alleged story about the allegedly conflicted Palestinian cameraman who spilled his guts about witnessing an execution of a teenage collaborator to Israeli journalists, among them, our Princess of the Zio-lites, Lisa.

These wyrd sisters and their brother Solomonia are keeping me up late. This is better than when the Village Voice, The New York Sun, and the Daily News were all taking on Professor Joseph Massad. And this, boys and girls of the United States of America, is how the Zionist Hasbara works through the media. For further details on smearing of critics, echo chamber effect, and other time honored Zionist Hasbara methods check out Paul de Rooij's excellent analysis here and here.

Princess Lisa is just incensed that it's not all om-like over at her blog. The Palestinians and their supporters are just determined to infiltrate her ashram, and Lisa is having none of it. Lisa has admonished her courtiers NOT to feed the trolls:

"Meanwhile: Please, please do not feed the trolls. Resist the temptation! Let them hear the echo of their words. If they have a conscience, they will feel shame. If they do not, then it is impossible to reason with them - so why bother?"

That's a little over the top. Lisa is starting to sound like my parody of her. For some reason, I have an image of Princess Lisa saying this while jumping up and down on her big ol' bed like the little eleven year old Queen Isabella in Amistad. She was so cute one was almost rooting for the Africans to lose their trial and to be shipped right on over to Spain.

One daring young commenter wrote something to the effect that "Israel was the one that should feel shame." This was taking the discourse dangerously into the realm of politics, which Lisa eschews, and the comment was deleted rapidly by a justifiably piqued Princess.

Now, our Princess, who has a penchant for group hugs, does not tolerate any meandering into politics on her blog. So, I am assuming that she did not know that Gilo, to which she refers with the best of the hasbarists as a "Jewish neighborhood," was stolen from the residents of Beit Jala after 1967. She writes in "How Lisa Came to Israel":

For the first six months of the intifida, daily life in Tel Aviv wasn’t really affected. This was not the case for Jerusalem. Gilo, a Jerusalem residential neighbourhood, was shot at by Palestinian fighters in bordering Beit Jala throughout the month of December. Residents of apartments facing Beit Jala put sandbags in their windows, kept the lights turned off at night, and crouched low when they moved from room to room.

Now she probably doesn't know that it is considered an illegal colony according to international law. So, probably, since Princess Lisa prides herself on refraining from politics in her blog she should delete herself.

One comment that won't be deleted and which has some veracity, "You do a wonderful job of putting a human face on the Israeli-Palestine conflict."

Exactly. Most people are not knowledgeable about Palestine and Lisa is determined to keep it that way under the guise of "no politics." So, in one breath talking about her "cathartic two-hour walk" with a Palestinian in London in the next she smears those as trolls who make comments like the following: "Lisa is all smoke & mirrors, always hiding the truth. What a truthful post about Isreal scares you Miss Lisa? Who feels shame? OH I think its you, thats why you delete any posts that may expose what you are all about. Shame on you Lisa." [Postscript: Princess Lisa has duly deleted the comment]

So while any one with a modicum of knowledge about Palestine recoils at rotgut Solomonia as a hater with moonshine Judy ever so slightly diluted, Zio-lite Lisa, the chardonnay of the Zionistas comes off as the one who puts a "human face" on the conflict, which evidently gives her license to smear with authority anyone who doesn't go along with her fantasy that she's apolitical. She has spoken to a real Palestinian so don't question her intentions. Sort of like the liberal Nat Hentoff of the Village Voice dissing Joseph Massad.

Lisa is the latest in a long line of shills for the Zionist state. She gushes over a story from a Palestinian journalist who advises his three sisters in Jordan not to "hate," to get over it. In true racist fashion, she only tolerates "house" Palestinians and quickly deletes anyone who doesn't let her set the parameters of discourse. These days people believe and incorporate what they hear over and over. Zionists keep repeating that Jews have a right to Israel and that one who questions that right is anti-Semitic. Those of us unwilling to compromise on UN Resolutions and international law are thus portrayed as radicals and unreasonable, and what's worse, unfit to hold court with Princess Zio-lite.

And to all deleted commenters: "Shame on You! Hear the echo of your words, listen to your conscience, and be ashamed," thus spake the Princess. If you curtsey, Princess Lisa might pardon you. You might even get to carry the luggage of this benefactress of the tired and poor, who as one of her courtiers says "anyone who reads you regularly knows that you are probably the Israeli blogger who most humanizes the Palestinians." The commenter goes on "Oh, and next time you go to London, can I carry your luggage?"

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