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Sunday, January 04, 2009


'This is the Destruction of Civilization'

There are no words, unless they are the words ofa poet, to adequately depict Israel's continuing savage assault on Palestinian civilization that has been ongoing for sixty plus years. Consider that Zionist forces depopulated 675 Palestinian villages and towns sixty years ago and razed over four hundred villages. The most recent barbarity is strictly in character for the usurpers of Palestine; finally, the information age is shattering the self-righteous myths that saturated the west about this criminal state for most of the past sixty years. The cruelty and indifference manifested by the Zionists to the indigenous inhabitants of the land astonishes:

From Gaza Diary: Do Israeli pilots feel happy killing innocent women and children?

In one ward, I meet four children aged five or six. They are in deep shock. They can't speak, they just look at you.

Only one child could say his name: "Abdel Rahman". That's all he can say. Otherwise, he just stares. He's five. His ear was wounded by shrapnel, his head is covered by bandages.

There is a 16-year-old girl also suffering from shrapnel injuries. Three of her brothers were killed; all her family were injured. She looks like a zombie and says nothing at all. Her mother is dying in the intensive care unit.

Zionists bomb the American International School, Gaza

They leveled the school to the ground. The school's night watchman was killed in the attack. His name is Salem Mohammed Abu Klaik and he was just twenty-four years old.

"Most of the school's buildings, which offered American-style curriculum in English for kindergarten through 12th grade, were destroyed by the strikes, which also killed the night watchman.

"'This is the most distinguished and advanced school in Gaza, if not in Gaza and the West Bank,' said Iyad Saraj, chairman of the school's board of trustees. 'I cannot swear there was no rocket fired, but if there was, you don't destroy a whole school ... this is the destruction of civilization.'"

From Sam Bahour in Ramallah

Dear All,

I would like to inform everyone that Paltel Infrastructure is severely damaged in Gaza, all means of communication with the Gaza Strip will be highly affected and may totally cut of; this will include PALTEL , Hadara and Jawwal Mobile services.

We are experiencing, Loss of Fuel, infrastructure damage by missiles, towers hit by rockets, ….

Our technical Staff are unable to fix the damages due to the delicate situation especially after the death of 3 employees while on duty , and dozens hurt from shrapnels.

Our teams are working around the clock, to maintain the service and keep the communications up with gaza.

We hope that this nightmare will end, and we wish safety for everyone.

Best Regards
Mustafa Deeb

From Al-Jazeera

"Two of my neighbours were killed on their way back from school - sixteen-year-old Yasmeen and her sister, 15-year-old Haneen. They were innocent girls.

I wonder how cheap Palestinian blood is." Hamoudi

"We never expected an attack of this scale and this number of people killed. It is a massacre. I didn't believe my own eyes at first, because it is so disgusting to see such a thing." Ghada Snunu

"I'm homeless now after my home was destroyed." Hatem Shurrab

"Eight of our students were killed by a rocket as they left their classrooms to get the bus home."
Adnan Abu Hasma

"While the Israeli response has been beyond any expectations, it is just an episode in a bigger project which aims to kill people's will and turn them into cattle whose top priority is not to resist the occupation but just to survive." Baha Enaya

From January 3 Press Release, Al Mezan Center for Human Rights

"The death toll resulted from IOF's attacks has reached 363, including at least 59 children and 18 women. This figure reflects only those cases which Al Mezan Center has been able to verify, and is expected to rise."

Palestine Center for Human Rights, Gaza

"The victims [24-31 December] include 121 civilians and 165 civil police officers."

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