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Sunday, April 30, 2006


Found Poem: Bright Week

A 'Found' Poem is a poem for which the author finds words, phrases, and sentences written by others centered around a certain theme and fashions them into a poem. Bright Week in the Orthodox tradition is the week following Easter Sunday. This poem was found on Easter Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday of Bright Week.

a cowboy from Texas,
a rocket scientist from the Ukraine
or a new Jewish immigrant from Ethiopia can all enter Jerusalem unfettered


...some just kilometers from Jerusalem
will most likely never reach
the Dome of the Rock
to perform Friday prayers
or the Church of the Holy Sepulcher
for the Easter Mass.

"Imagine if a 21-year-old Jewish student
had her eye smashed
how her story would be carried
by all American media and European media
to underscore Arab brutality."

“You see we are simple people.
We don’t know what to do.
We only raise our hands heavenward
so that God will get us justice
from these savages (the Israelis).”

"I still can’t believe
that my two older brothers
Aboudie (9) and Hadi(7) are gone
my brothers lives weren’t taken away
by accident or by
forces of nature
it was the Israeli Army
that killed
and till this day the army
has not apologized to my parents
My mom says if she had one wish
that it would be to have
all of her children together
My dad--til this day
He is in shock"

The 53 year old man,
Suleiman Mohammad Draega, died due
to medical neglect in
Israeli Hasharon Prison

the murderer cannot rest
until the body of his victim
has been disposed of,
that body testifying by its continuing existence
to his crime.
As long as the victim -- whether killed,
wounded or in chains --
is still visible, the crime risks being found out,
crying for justice
such that the murderer
cannot sleep.

Israelis, it seems,
are still the victims
of the myths they have created
and which they expect the Palestinians
to believe.

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