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Monday, January 19, 2009


Those Who Would Co-Exist Are Not Immune

In this video one sees hateful Israelis vilifying Dr. Abu Eish, who just lost three of his daughters and his niece in a rocket attack on his house.

Advocates of co-existence fare no better than any other Palestinian. Ask the villagers of Deir Yassin, Kafr Birim, and Iqrit, who were advocates of co-existence with their Jewish neighbors. Deir Yassin was the site of an infamous massacre and the villagers of Kafr Birim and Iqrit, mainly Christian, were invited by Zionists to witness the destruction of their villages on a Christmas Eve, in the case of Iqrit.

A young woman was asked to compare Barack Obama's inaguration with Dr. Martin Luther King's March on Washington. She said that she was too young to remember Dr. King's March on Washington, but that even a bigger event than Obama's ascent to the presidency would be when Dr. King's dream is realized. That day has not yet arrived.

Not when Palestinian children are shot through the head. Not when medics are fired upon. Not when a father trapped in his car in full view of Israeli soldiers watches his son bleed to death for twenty hours. Not when Palestinians are denied their inalienable right to return to their ancestral homes and villages. Not when the United States' first African-American president is cowed into silence over the deaths in twenty days of hundreds of Palestinian children. Not when children's homes are demolished while they are in them. Not when whole families are massacred. Not when soldiers tell hundreds in one clan to asssemble in one house and then blow up the house while they are in it. Not when people with white flags are fired upon. Not when theh least of our brothers, the Palestinians, are vilified and dehumanised by the mayor of New York, the governor of New York, the entire US Senate, and all but five of the House of Representatives.

Israeli soldiers like to defecate and urinate all over the houses that they take over. They speak of "purifying" an area when they kill Palestinians. Rory McCarthy reports here of graffiti found in the house of one of the Sammounis in Zeitoun, where at least forty-eight members of one family were massacred: Arabs Need to Die.

The Israelis don't want to sully Barack Obama's inaguration with too much blood so they've announced that they will pull out of Gaza before his inaguration. How very civil and considerate of them. Let us ponder who will design Michelle's dress while Palestinians dig their loved ones out of the rubble and clean up the defecation and urine, the calling cards of the Israeli soldiers.


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