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Sunday, January 04, 2009


Moussa and Laila El-Haddad on CNN

I just watched Laila El-Haddad, author of Raising Yousef and Nour, and her father, Moussa, a physician in Gaza City on CNN. I also wrote to CNN thanking them for interviewing Laila and her father. Moussa El-Haddad refers to Israel's onslaught on Gaza rightfully as genocide. People in Gaza who have access to a computer may tell their story to CNN here:


I can not find a link on CNN to to the Haddads yet. Here is the link to Laila's twitterpage.

Thank God that every Palestinian I've seen on CNN and BBC is effectively countering the Zionist spin regarding the rockets, referring to the violence of the occupation as the root of the current problem although I'd like to see everyone educate western audiences about the real root of the problem, which is the Zionist destruction of Palestinian life in 1948, its ethnic cleansing to make way for western invaders, its destruction of over five hundred Palestinian villages, and its refusal to implement the right of return for Palestinian refugees.

Palestinian refugees, who were born in Palestine, are denied the universal human right to return to their homes, while Jews from anywhere in the world, with no previous ties to the land, may immigrate to historic Palestine, and become instant citizens. This injustice must be addressed. I do not accept that any Jew anywhere in the world may immigrate to historic Palestine, while our grandfathers and grandmothers and their descendents are denied the right of return to their homeland.

Since even the western media can not spin the genocide that is currently taking place, the rogue state and its citizens, which have no rational arguments for their ongoing efforts to destroy Palestinian civilization, have resorted to libelous and laughable attacks on any and every Palestinian, part and parcel of their sixty year demonisation of Palestinians. There is even a ridiculous comment on CNN which refers to Hanan Ashrawi, a Christian and dean of Humanities at Bir Zeit University, as a Hamas terrorist. Why is it that Zionists must demonise, dehumanise, obfuscate, and lie about the indigenous inhabitants of Palestine in order to justify their country made up of European, US, Russian, and Arab Jews?

If Jews wanted to immigrate to Palestine, why didn't they blend in with the indigenous people instead of ethnically cleansing them and destroying their villages? Why did they impose themselves on Palestine, creating the devastation that continues to this day? And now, they manufacture all sorts of libels in order to demonise the indigenous people of Palestine.

Many citizens of the US are on to the perfidious nature of the so-called "Jewish" state, as evidenced by the comments on the horrid story in the Washington Post by the Jewish immigrant to Palestine gloating that he feels "fully Israeli" now that his son is killing Palestinians.

At least as we view the latest massacre of the Zionists of the Palestinians, we hear a few Palestinian voices on a major news network and in print journalism. It still doesn't make up for the time afforded to the professional liars representing racist Israel, but it is progress. The information age affords us the opportunity to slowly make inroads in the deadly Zionist spin.

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