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Sunday, January 04, 2009


Gaza Civilians Unprotected: Doctors, medics killed by Zionist attackers

From Professor Abdelwaheb, Department of English, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Al-Azhar University, Gaza to the Palestine Electronic Forum:

In Gaza, we are caught in a rain of missles and a barage of artillery shells! Its totally dark right now but it is interrupted by a buzzing sound of unmanned planes and heliocapters. Streets are deserted! Between now and then, we hear sirenes of ambulances and fire brigades! Civilians flee their homes in the north of Gaza towards the west of the city, and they flee from Zaitoun neighbourhood to the Western parts! Civilains are vulnerable and who cares! They are unprotected at all. Today, three paramedics dies while trying to save lives. The dy before yesterday one medical doctor and a paramedic were killed too. Tonight, all mobile phone net have been totally paralyzed now. Land telephone lines are bad, but it is working! Before dawn, clouds of black smoke were everywhere in Gaza skies! Oooooops. right now, land shakes under us! Booooooom!

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