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Saturday, January 10, 2009


Dear Michelle Obama: Please do not abandon the Palestinian Children

This letter was written by my son-in-law, a school psychologist:

Dear Michelle Obama,

I am writing to you from US Army Garrison Wiesbaden, Germany. I am a school psychologist working with children of military and civilian families stationed in Wiesbaden. I have been working for the Department of Defense Dependent Schools (DODDS) since February 2001. I have witnessed and experienced the impact war has on the kids and families I serve. I do not need to elaborate on the damaging effects war has on children. Literature, history and the arts have documented the horror and trauma in multiple instances. From my perspective, it is sufficient to say that it leaves indelible emotional and psychological marks on our kids that therapy, or time is insufficient to adequately heal. The legacy of misery war leaves behind seldom seems to justify the military objectives of the tacticians. While our nation has experienced the horrors of war we have never endured the devastation and humiliation of a protracted invasion or occupation by a foreign power. It is with great anguish and a frustrating feeling of powerlessness that I continue to watched the restricted news reports of Israel’s calculated devastation of the Palestinian people in Gaza. The indiscriminate bombardment of an already destitute community is heart wrenching. It provokes so much anger but primarily compassion to see the faces of these helpless children. Unlike most other children around the world, the Gaza children run in desperate and often futile attempts to save their lives. There is no joy in running for the Palestinian kids. In fact, they no place to run or hide. Their innocence has been destroyed forever.

Please forgive me for calling you Michelle, but Michelle many in America actually voted for you when they voted for your husband. You are our hope. When we listen to you and see you on the media we feel strongly that you are the one who can make a difference in our country. Please do not abandon the Palestinian children. The indifference of the world to the atrocities against the children of Palestine is a senseless crime that needs to be stopped. Please help. Many in America and the world over will support you.


Benhur Arcila
School psychologist

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