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Sunday, October 19, 2008


Hummus is Arabic

Hummus is Arabic food and was appropriated by immigrant European and American Jews from Arabs.

Hummus is garbanzo beans;my Uncle Hanna used dry garbanzo beans which he soaked all night, garlic, tahini, lemon, salt, pepper, sometimes cumin, olive oil, paprika, and parsley for garnish.

It's definitely not hydrogenated oils and whatever other disgusting additives immigrant American and European Jews throw in as they boast of their "Israeli" hummus.

How many children of western Jews learned from their parents to smooth hummus with the back of the spoon on to an oblong dish?

How many children of western Jews heard their parents say that "so and so is cheap because she puts too much water in her hummus?"

How many American and European Jewish mothers used sock darners to mash the hummus by hand?

How many American and European Jewish immigrant mothers taught their kids how to break the tahini?

How many European and American Jews know that most Arabs don't eat hummus in summer because it's considered a cold weather dish?

How many children of American and European Jews learned not to sprinkle the paprika on top of the hummus until serving time because it would dry the hummus?

How many children of Amerian and European Jews learned how to garnish the hummus with parsley?

when one is a thief one learns how to steal. that is all. well, and to lie. and to hate. and to create hate. and to murder.

after typing realize these jews actually learn quite a bit.
The best hummus in the universe I ate right at your kitchen table, Umka!!! Your recipe is the one we use (never put lemon in before.. and it makes all the difference!)

long live hummus, long live Nancy and long live Palestine!
Thank you. Wish that you would visit again. Enjoyed Gilad's performance at the Frankfurt Jazz Festival last Saturday.
Just wanted to say i realy like this blog.
If you`re interested, also check out this blog, with recepies for realy good dishes and real easy.
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