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Sunday, July 13, 2008


You'll Never Be Unemployed: Challenging Zionist Lies


Lompoc is too close to the town in which I grew up for me to overlook this boring, but pernicious panoply of Zionist bullshit. It's all here . . . "refugees as pawns," "Jews into the sea," "Jews property as spoils"; yeah all six percent of it, jerk . . .

Dear Editor:

Roger Talbot seems comfortable spewing propaganda that's been discredited by both Palestinian and Israeli historians. Arab armies didn't enter Palestine until one-half of the indigenous Christian and Muslim Palestinians destined for refugee status had been ethnically cleansed by fully armed and bigoted immigrants like Mr. Talbot, racial supremacists who for sixty years have defied international law which states that any one may leave his country and return to his country.

What right does any Jew, from any where in the world have to immigrate to historic Palestine and become an instant citizen, while Palestinians, who were actually born there, and who still hold keys to their houses, may not return. Time for an end to a state whose ethno-supremacism has created misery in the Holy Land and which continues its ethnic cleansing with walls, checkpoints, house raids, denial of food, medicine, water, and a host of other depradations heaped upon the native Palestinians, and time for the full implementation of right of return to put an end to the suffering Palestinian refugees have endured so that Americans like Roger Talbot may go play cowboy and live out biblical fantasies on someone else's property.

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