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Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Until the web of deceit no longer informs . . .

My comment at the Guardian's CIF:

Michael Bournemouth is in denial to avoid facing the gross injustice for the Palestinian people, culture, and society that Zionism continues to effect. Zionists continue in their attempts to erase Palestinian history, most cruelly effected and manifest by their destruction of 531 Palestinian villages in 1947-48. Diehards, while making themselves look unabashedly silly to those with a modicum of knowledge, continue to proclaim that the Palestinians have only lived in Palestine for three generations . . . write that Palestine was "a land without a people for a people without a land"; say publicly, as did Milwaukee native Golda Meir, that there is no such thing as a Palestinian; laud the plucky Zionists for making the "desert bloom"; demonise Palestinians as people who are solely motivated out of some intrinsic hatred for Jews and demonise Palestinian parents by perpetuating the lie that we bring up our children to hate. . . deny all you want; this is a long, long struggle, and many of us in different ways, are prepared to continue, until the web of deceit no longer informs public consciousness.

I thought you might be interested in the 'Scottish Medicines for Gaza' mission which is currently being prevented from entering Gaza and is sitting at the Rafah Crossing Point as I type.

Medical supplies from Scotland to Gaza refused entry by Egyptian authorities
Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign

A van full of medical supplies has been driven from Edinburgh all the way to Gaza by Linda and Kahlil, a Scottish-Palestinian couple.

I, myself, have already sent them a messege of support and emailed the Egyptian Consulate and Press Officer, as well as my own British Member of Parliament and my own Member for the Scottish Parliament regarding the Egyptian obstruction of this humanitarian mission.

The SPSC has emailed to say that Linda and Kahlil are deterimined to get through!

all the best U!

New Labour in Britian suffers HUGE defeat last night at the hands of the Scottish National Party!
SNP stuns Labour in Glasgow East
BBC Scotland
25 July 2008

The SNP, amongst other great attributes, are -
- anti CIA redition flights using Scottish airports flights
- anti US-Israeli flights using Scottish airports to fly cluster bombs to Israel so that they can be dropped on innocent defencelesss Lebanese
- anti Islamophobia
- anti British imperialist
- anti nuclear weapons
- anti NATO
Regarding Linda and Kahlil's Scottish-Palestine Medicine to Gaza mission, the webpage at Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign has just been updated -
Scottish medical supplies across Europe to Gaza: End the Siege
updated 30 July 2008

There are press releases from prominent Scottish politicians and a motion before the Scottish Parliament, newspaper artcile etc etc

all the best U!

see also my messege here
Latest Update - SPSC , Linda and Khalil's Scottish Medicines to Gaza
JPUK messege board
31 July 2008
Try -
Gaza in Egypt blog

Bon voyage Khalil Al Niss and Linda Willis
07 July 2008
The Dove and Dolphin charity

A demo is planned for this coming Sunday (12th August) during the world's biggest annual arts festival in Edinburgh -
Edinburgh Festival Demo Sunday - Lift The Siege
JPUK messege board
04 Aug 2008

Take care!
All the best!
Linda and Kahlil make this morning's headlines in Scotland!

The Scottish Government's First Minister, Alex Salmond, intervenes to try and help their medical supplies get into Gaza and break the siege!

Salmond in bid to help Scots take medical aid into Gaza
The Herald (Glasgow)
05 Aug 2008

The SPSC is keeping its webpage updated with the latest newspaper articles etc -
Scottish medical supplies across Europe to Gaza: End the Siege
updated 05 Aug 2008

I'm overjoyed to say the least!

It isn't everything and people are still suffering, but its an important development as it stands.

all the best U!

While the slimy UK Prime Minister is in the Knesset giving speeches about how brilliant his favourite racist supremist state is, the devolved Scottish Government is Edinburgh is trying to help the victims of the UK, US EU and Egypt.

If the Scotland can do it, then why can't the rest of the EU countries do it?
Thanks for the updates and thanks to Scotland.
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