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Friday, July 11, 2008


A Statement issued by the Union of Palestinian Women Committees

vzfrom Al-Awda

A Statement issued by the Union of Palestinian Women Committees

Despite all the media clamor about the lie of handing over the cities to the Palestinian Authority according to Dayton plans, which have proven to be no more than throwing dust into the eyes, the occupation vampires attacked last night the office of the Union of Palestinian Women Committees in Nablus, the city that washanded overto the Palestinian Authority, where they messed up with the contents of the office and took some of them. The occupation thieves also stole the grocery packages that were supposed to be distributed to the needy people in the city, under the blockade and starvation that not only Gaza strip is suffering from, but also the West Bank. All these lies about how quiet and indulged the situation is in the West Bank, are unmasked by the daily attacks of the occupation in Hebron, Nablus, Jenin, Ramallah and other cities.

We, at the Union of Palestinian Women Committees, condemn these wild attacks on our national institutions, and ask the Authority to put an end to these actions in the absence of any prospect of negotiations or resolutions by the end of 2008..

The Authority, which is considered to be a political system responsible for discipline and security, must disclose the occupation's practices that contradict with all the international rules and norms, and not just discard them.

The Union is also asking all institutions and organizations that deal with human rights and solidarity with women, to stand by the union and all national institutes, in the face of this unjust campaign, in a way that protects and fortifies our national institutes and women causes.

Our struggle is nationally and socially legal, and is politically, economically and socially consistent with all that had been approved by the International legitimacy, and thus what the occupation is practicing is considered to be a violation of these laws. Nevertheless, and through the experience of so many years, it will never be able to stop or oblige our national institutions for its own interests.

We are inviting all Palestinian civil society institutions, forces and national parties to raise their voices against this attack on our institute, for these institutes must be protected, regardless of their political or ideological belonging.

Maha Nassar
Head of the Unionof Palestinian Women Committees10/7/2008

I am most interested in creating a list of people/names of those who have starved to death as a result of the occupation. Do you have links to any sites/stories/cases highlighting people who have starved to death as a result of the illegal occupation?
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