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Friday, July 11, 2008


I Want Blue Back

From Annie's Inklings

I will never forgive Israel
for taking blue
my favorite color-
taking it as if they own it

I want blue back

I want blue to be every thing ethereal

I want blue to be of heaven
not the hell
Zionists have made
of "the Holy Land"

I want blue to be free

to be every mood and any meaning
it might want to be

& I want blue
to be of Palestine

To be known as natural beauty
and hope

to be cherished as one of many noble

that bring each other out
in the best ways

to be a lover's eyes to happily drown in
as his glance lingers reaching into me
to be beloved and loving

to be both background and fore

to be a kindred spirit
sparking response

Poem & Picture Copyright ©2008 Anne Selden Annab

wow, I agree with all of that!

I feel the same way about red, white and blue, the way the Republicans have taken the flag of the US as if it were their private property.
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