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Tuesday, June 24, 2008


A Pattern of Ethnic Cleansing

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Israel continues its ethnic cleansing. A small example: Yesterday Israel uprooted two hundred olive trees from a five hundred year old grove in Beit Hanina. Israel has already taken over two-thirds of the town's land and is now "trying to take over the remainder."


Israel's settlement policy in Jerusalem "is destroying history," according to Dr. Hassan Khater. "He said that there is no end to the Israeli demolition of Palestinian homes and the confiscation of land. "

Just new twists on ongoing Zionist plans to destroy Palestine's society and culture: A Palestine Center briefing summarizes Dr. Salman Abu Sitta's comments on David Ben Gurion's efforts in this regard:

One of the most historically destructive actions that David Ben Gurion, the head of the Zionist struggle for statehood and Prime Minister of Israel from 1948-54, did to establish Jewish dominance over the Arab population and land from a historical point of view was to create a committee of scholars, geographers, and theologians in the same week of February 1949 in which Israel signed its armistice agreement with Syria, whose goal was to "erase" all the names used in historic Palestine for the past five thousand years and to create new Hebrew names. "They wanted to make these names a symbol of the old link with Palestine, but unfortunately they could not find genuine Hebrew names for more than five percent of the names previously used," said Abu Sitta. These new maps and new names erased the vocabulary of the life of the people, he added, because of the way the names had recorded historic events like weddings and battles.


In relation to this theme of ethnic genocide, we should not fail to note the destuction of the landscape sacred to the true owners of Palestine...

Israeli Terrorist Regime uprooted olive trees hundreds of years old.


Occupation uprooted 300 olive trees in the ancient Roman Jerusalem
[25/06/2008 - 10:18 p.m.]

Occupied Jerusalem - Palestinian Center for Media

Said Nidal Abu Hamda, board member village of Beit Hanina in occupied Jerusalem that the Zionist bulldozers uprooted Tuesday (24 / 6) More than 300 olive trees old Romanian.

He added that the Zionist army, using bulldozers, raided and closed down the dig declared a closed military zone. He explained that the strength of the so-called "border guard" for young men and attacked the village inhabitants, who have gathered to defend their lands, batons and tear gas.

He appealed to the village of Beit Hanina and Beit Hanina Diwan people of all international institutions and humanitarian work to stop the risks to the village and the razing of lands and confiscation and destruction of villages and isolated and its people.

The Cabinet of the residents of Beit Hanina statement to condemn the inhuman acts carried out by the Zionist army They could also for the hundreds of olive trees are bulldozed durables and land confiscation in addition to besiege and isolate parts of Beit Hanina old and new from each other.

He SAI distress call to all States and human rights commissions and the countries that sponsor international covenants to move quickly to put an end to serious violations of Zionism. Declaring that prayers will be held next Friday in the region that have been bulldozed.

The bureau warned that the Zionist military authorities placed signs near the vast area planted with olive trees, ancient Roman more than 1200 trees covering an area of 5 thousand acres intends extracted in the coming days.


This Christian writers observation…

When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place... Matthew 24:15

Today the false Prophets all say that Christians should support Israel and its war of genocide against Christian and Moslem Palestinians, but this teaching is an abomination unto God. Let us see what the Ashkenazi “Jews”, those who actually originate from the Kingdom of Khazar with no ethnic link to Palestine, (the Synagogue of Satan referred to in Revelation 2:9), reveal in their abomination they call the Talmud. Then ask yourself if this evil should have been given any place in the Holyland of Palestine.

Genocide Advocated by the Talmud
Tob shebe goyyim harog ("Even the best of the gentiles, Christians, should all be killed").

Some Other Teachings of the Jewish Talmud…

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