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Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Obama Shortchanges Change!

Obama Shortchanges Change!
By Sami Bishara Mashney
For The Independent Monitor
June 10, 2008

Immediately after becoming the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, and shamelessly wearing the Israeli flag on his lapel, Barak Obama heartlessly crushed the hopes of millions of unsuspecting Americans who supported and voted for him, when he nakedly pandered to the Zionist Lobby at its annual conference held recently.

Among other things, Obama lavished praise at the Apartheid Jewish state; promised to give the Jewish state—which overtly discriminates against Christians and Muslims—thirty billion dollars of our hard-earned, predominantly-Christian secular tax dollars; behaved like a three-brass-monkey occupation-denier on the multigenerational Israeli occupation of Palestine and its enslavement of long-suffering Palestinian People; advocated the bankrupt so-called two-state solution which recreates Apartheid South Africa and its Bantustans in Occupied Palestine, etc.

The first African American presidential nominee of a major party promised to perpetuate the Jewish Apartheid regime in Occupied Palestine! Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. trembled in his grave and Nelson Mandela screamed murder!

And while Obama is not the first politician to appease the Israel-first Zionist Lobby, many naively hoped that his message of "change" meant that he will also change our government's shameful and self-injurious policy of unconditionally supporting Israeli occupation of Palestine, and its enslavement of the Christian and Muslim Palestinians under a segregationist political system which legislatively guarantees supremacy to Jews over gentiles.

The millions of people who falsely believed that Obama is a breath of fresh air in American politics, the one who would valiantly rescue America from the paralyzing claws of special interest, political corruption, economic downfall and international disrespect, are now anti-climatically dumfounded and wondering whether they should vote for McCain; Ralph Nader or Bob Barr!

Progressive Democrats; Independents and Republicans, who viewed Obama as the long-awaited agent-of-change-political-Messiah, and propelled him to the top front are now very dis-euphorically despaired and wondering if true change will ever come to American politics as long as the one-issue American Israel Public Affairs Committee ("AIPAC) conclusively determines the foreign and domestic policy of our government before our president is elected!

Using a variety of diabolical tactics, AIPAC, aka the Israeli Lobby or the Amen Corner, has an iron grip over our American Politics. AIPAC has public opinion manipulating scribes implanted in our media who will maliciously smear and politically-crucify as "anti-Semitic" anyone who does not bend over to Israel. It also controls tens or hundreds of political action committee ("PACs") and directs them to funnel their money to the candidates who unconditionally support Israel. Furthermore, the majority of politically-active Jews are extremist fundamentalist Zionists who will blindly follow AIPAC's political gospel and vote as a block for those whom AIPAC labels as "friends" of Israel.

Many politicians made 180 degrees turn in their political positions towards Israel after being threatened by AIPAC. Examples are Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa who left a private meeting with AIPAC crying and soon changed his stance towards Israel. Congressman Carl Lewis and many shameless others went through similar politically-traumatizing experiences and became loyal and obedient servants to the Israeli Lobby.

It is a well-known fact that most politicians complain privately that their voting record on Israel is the opposite of their true feelings towards it and that they find themselves forced to give our tax money to Israel and deny its occupation of Palestine because they fear AIPAC and also fear being labeled as "anti-Semitic."

Many hoped that Obama will break this vicious cycle of political corruption where our national interest is being damaged and subordinated to the parochial interest of the fifth column Israeli Lobby in its blind and sectarian support to Israeli occupation of Palestine and its denial of the Palestinian People the most basic of human rights.

Obama is still only a presumptive nominee today and he appears to have a good chance of becoming the next president of the United States. If he is to be judged today, he cannot claim to be the "change" agent because he scandalously shortchanged change when he publicly and unabashedly surrendered to the Israeli Lobby like McCain, Clinton, Bush and other political prostitutes did before him. There is no change here whatsoever!

If and when Obama becomes president, if he, like his predecessors, continues to be an occupation-denier and funder; and Jewish Apartheid-supporter, he will have the dishonored place in history of being yet another gutless emasculated politician who never had the courage and intestinal fortitude to stand up to the Israeli Lobby and serve his country and his American—as opposed to Israeli—People.

If, however, once Barak Obama becomes president, he manages to facilitate the political, legislative and bloodless demise of the Apartheid Jewish system in Occupied Palestine and help usher the much-and-long-awaited secular democratic state in Occupied Palestine, Barak Obama can then potentially claim his unique place in history as the true agent of change in the same manner Nelson Mandela can rightly and indisputably claim such an historical honor.
Today, the global litmus test of political honesty is how a politician behaves towards the Israeli Lobby. There is no shortage of corrupt politicians. There is, however, a chronic shortage—almost to the point of absence—of honest ones.

Where will Obama's place in history be? In the crowded Uncle Tom trash bin of corruption or on a pedestal in the company of Christ, Ghandi and Mandela?
Only Obama knows and only time will tell!

The writer is an Anaheim, CA attorney of Palestinian descent and is the publisher of The Independent Monitor, the national newspaper of Arab Americans.

It would be a greater tragedy if Obama would support Islamic apartheid, a belief system which still holds that blacks are slaves, women must be locked up and covered, gays executed and non-Muslims humiliated.
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