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Sunday, May 04, 2008


Thank you for publishing Sherri Muzher's 'Palestine before and after'

Dear Editor:

Thank you for publishing Sherri Muzher's op-ed "Palestine before and after."

I, too, am a first generation Palestinian-American and it is wonderful to read a story in a US newspaper about Palestine by a Palestinian.

Many, many Palestinians, now settled and thriving in America, have messages for Americans. One is Khaled Diab, who wrote recently: "We have been given a negative label here in America. But I want people to know that we want peace. They may not know that we are the natives in that land, that we lost homes and entire towns and cities. In my case, I can count at least 10 generations in the same village. Yet here I am, dispossessed. Israel does not allow my return to my birthplace to live. I did nothing to deserve this. And the other Palestinian refugees did nothing to deserve their fate. Those who got a chance like me, excelled at what we did and contributed to our adopted countries. While we are thankful and love our adopted countries, we want to be able to do the same in our homeland."


Please note that we Palestinians all over the world will continue to speak of our cultural heritage, which Israel did its best to destroy, and our story, which was supressed for so long, until justice, which most definitely revolves around right of return to our homes and villages, is finally realized.


Nancy Harb Almendras

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