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Wednesday, May 14, 2008


531 Balloons Over Frankfurt Commemorate Destroyed Palestinian Villages

Five hundred and thirty one balloons were released over Frankfurt's Roemerberg today to commemorate the villages destroyed by Israel sixty years ago. Each balloon contained a paper with a village name. The paper below says Jahula from the district of Safad. One of the over five hundred Palestinian villages destroyed by Israel. Four hundred and twenty people lived there. 60 Years of Israel = 60 Years of Nakba

Thanks for posting these thought provoking photos

Ran HaCohen, in his most recent "Letter from Israel" on antiwar.com begins his column by saying "Christians – the ancient self-designated heirs to the Jews – commemorate Christ's tormented way to resurrection and redemption in the weeks leading to Easter. Zionists – the modern self-designated heirs to the Jews – have their Lent after Passover, commemorating what they construct as their via dolorosa leading to the "Jewish State."

Your photos here of the Nakba commemoration in Frankfurt seem to me to be especially poignant as something HaCohen mentioned in that recent column still echoes in my head.... "The real Holocaust survivors, by the way, do not earn that much attention, nor public investment: out of 80,000 survivors still alive in Israel, one third live in poverty. Some of those elderly people even emigrate back to Germany, where financial aid to survivors is much more generous – a march of the living"
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