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Sunday, April 13, 2008


The Ongoing Nakba

Riad Al-Oweisi killed by Israeli soldiers on April 11 in Bureij Refugee Camp, Gaza. His brothers and sister sit by his lifeless body.

Nothing in the disruption to me and my family described here compares to the continued suffering and desperation of those driven off their lands in Gaza, the West Bank and Lebanon. Hala George, "Stripped of Our Home and Left with the Shed," in Al-Majdal, Nakba Special Issue, Winter 2007/Spring 2008, p 55.

I am fed up with telling people that we have rights . . . Why do two or three generations have to be wasted? Why should I get married and have kids if they have to end up killed by the Israelis? Before I used to feeel sorry, but nowadays the situation is getting worse with all the killings; the organized and systematic killings of my people. Dr. Sanaa Shalan, "'Palestine at heart' for a Palestinian refugee writer in Amman," in Al-Majdal, Nakba Special Issue, Winter 2007/Spring 2008, p 27.

thanks for posting- the last quote is especially powerful...all i can say is that we will continue to fight for their rights...
I just fixed the link to Al-Majdal. There is another link there for the ninety-two page special edition with lots of excellent stories from refugees.
Dear UmKahlil

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