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Friday, March 14, 2008


Press Release: The Palestinian Confederation for the right of return

Press release.
The Palestinian Confederation for the right of Return .

The Palestinian confederate for the right of return ended its annual meeting in Paris and has decided the following:

First, the Confederation expressed its deep concern about the vague language used by some Palestinian officials about the right of the Palestinians to repatriate to their original home. It rejects unclear terms such as “a fair solution to the Palestinian refugees” and insists on using “the call to Israel to honor the 194 resolution which is not for negotiable but for implementation.”

Second, the Confederation insists that the question of repatriation is the core of the Palestinian Israel conflict and thusly the confederation warns against any attempts to bypass this question.

Third, the Palestinian Confederation calls on Palestinians in Europe to join the Confederation in order to consolidate our efforts for the cause of repatriation.

Fourth, the Palestinian Confederation strongly condemns the latest Israeli attacks on Gaza strip which caused of hundreds of injured and deaths. We also call on the international community to create a crime tribunal to investigate the Israeli politicians and military who took part in the Gaza holocaust.

Fifth, the Palestinian Confederation has called upon all Palestinian leaders to unite around a political program which emphasizes the right of Palestinians for self- determination including the right of return.

Sixth, the Confederation decided to organize a public campaign in Europe to commemorate 60 years of the Palestinian Nakhba (catastrophe), calling upon all Palestinian and European civil society organizations to join this campaign in order to remind the international community of its responsibility for the uprooting of Palestinians in 1948.

Seventh, the Confederation elected a new coordination committee from Norway, France, and Switzerland.

The Palestinian Confederation for the Right of Return.
Paris 10,03,2008

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