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Thursday, March 27, 2008


A Potpourri From Annie's Letters

Check out the following excellent posts at Annie's Letters and have a look at Growing Gardens for Palestine

Israel, Shame on You by Joharah Baker for MIFTAH:

"The fact that an orphanage could be shut down in an instant and the propaganda swallowed up whole about it being a spawning ground for Hamas suicide bombers is not only offensive in nature but completely incredible to any semi-sane listener not blinded by prejudice."

Nablus' Olive Oil Soap: A Palestinian Tradition Lives On by Michael Phillips for IMEU

Untold Stories: Nina Barzouzi Cullers for IMEU

"Many Americans are unaware of what the Zionists did to the innocent Palestinians," she says. "The US continues to support Israel regardless of the fact that Israel has defied UN resolutions and international law. Americans need to hear from survivors of the Nakba, just as the world has heard and continues to hear from the survivors of the Holocaust."

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