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Sunday, March 02, 2008


From Dr. Mona El-Farra: Please understand me if I do not write


Israel Intensifies its attacks against Gaza

27th of Februray

My sleep was largely interupted last night and so was my daughter's. The shooting was so heavy against different areas of the city , as well as diffrent parts of the Gaza Strip. The jet fighters' sound and the heliocopters sound were too loud.

This morning, February 28

It is disproportional open war, civilians pay the price , 15 people were killed , as an outcome of last night's attack , including a 3 months old baby !!!!!!!!!(1000 children were killed in the last 5 years alone)

On my way walking to the Red Crescent Society, (I do not have fuel in my car), it is only 25 mintues, while walking , I can clearly hear successive explosions from diffrent parts of the city , and the drone on the sky , and also can clearly see the security forces soldiers, outside their headquarters, as it is under threat of bombing by the Israeli military forces. I had to walk very fast, expecting the worse, arriving at my work to find out that we do not have enough fuel for the ambulance and the other work vehicles.

No fuel has entered Gaza for 17 days, our storage has been exhausted. Oh my God, this situation will have its disastrous impact on our health facilities , and while I am trying to arrange for a medical shipment entry to Gaza , donated by MECA , I endure living in such dangerous situation, including lack of electricity; we scarecely have power 6- 8 hours daily at the moment, fresh and clean pumped water is big problem for most residents of Gaza.

I feel fed up , exhausted and drained from talking about the same topics again and again , and things get worse and worse, so please understand me when I do not write. Safety is my big concern at the moment as well as meeting needs for medical facilities for medication and medical supplies. Justice and peace is my great goal; please spread the word.

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