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Sunday, March 02, 2008


Comment is Free

Comment left at the Guardian's Comment is Free:

Information from Gaza:

Dr. Mona El-Farra:

On my way walking to the Red Crescent Society, (I do not have fuel in my car), it is only 25 minutes, while walking, I can clearly hear successive explosions from diffrent parts of the city , and the drone on the sky, and also can clearly see the security forces soldiers, outside their headquarters, as it is under threat of bombing by the Israeli military forces. I had to walk very fast, expecting the worse, arriving at my work to find out that we do not have enough fuel for the ambulance and the other work vehicles.

Mohammed Omer:

"Note from the webmaster: Mohammed is in grave danger today. Please pray for him.

"Tamer was nine, and no child soldier. He did not live in the area from where home-made rockets are launched into Israeli territory. The day he was killed, he was at least two kilometres from the place Israeli troops had entered Gaza, and met with return fire by Palestinian resistance.

"Members of the family decided to crawl out into the rain after a bullet hit a gas cylinder, Etaf said. 'But Israeli soldiers continued to fire on us from a tank and Hummer military jeep.' After some time, seeing that the gas cylinder had not exploded, Etaf said she crawled back into the house. Tamer followed, but never made it. 'I saw Tamer shot, with a bullet in his head.'"

From Maan News:

"17-year-old Jacqueline Mohammed Abu Shbak saw her 14-year-old brother Iyad struck down by an Israeli artillery shell. As she rushed towards him Israeli soldiers shot her in the heart."
This last bit is eerily reminiscent of the Kafr Qasem Massacre over fifty years ago:

"Inside the village of Kafr Qasem, not far from his home, the eight year old Talal Isaa was shot by Israeli soldiers. It was said that he went out to get a stray goat.* It may be that no one imagined that the curfew meant death for a child just yards away from his home. When his father, Shaker Isaa, heard the shots and saw what happened he dashed out to his son. He was also shot. Then, Talal's mother, Samia Isaa ran out to them and she was shot. Lastly the teenage daughter of the family, Noora Isaa, ran out and was also shot. The grandfather, Abdallah Isaa, then 90 years old, was left alone in the house watching. Only Talal died, the rest of the family, wounded and bleeding, remained on the street till the following morning."
Laila El-Haddad also has a poignant post:

"'We are dying like chickens' said Yassine last night as we contemplated the media's coverage of the events of the past few days.

"Even the Guardian, in a wire-based piece, mentioned the Palestinian dead, including the children, in the fourth to last paragraph."

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