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Saturday, March 01, 2008


Aliyah Adventurers Exact Heavy Price From Palestine's People

All must go. Laura's leaving Boca Raton for sunny Israel.

Read all about Laura Ben-David's Aliyah adventure. Lots of cute pictures of well-off Florida Sun-Staters as well. Laura, who is pictured among the Palestinians here, at the garage sale in Florida before she decided to live out her fantasy in Palestine at the expense of its natives, appears to have had a pretty nice little set-up in Boca Raton.

Also pictured is the price exacted for Laura's new life, a few Palestinians, most of whom are descendents or refugees from 1948, seventy of whom have been murdered since February 27 by Israel to guarantee that reality; i.e., the native people of Palestine, won't spoil Laura's fantasy. Hey, Laura, if you want fantasy, Orlando's Disneyworld is close by your lovely Boca Raton.

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