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Saturday, February 16, 2008


The YMCA and Gaza

From an e-mail:

The YMCA and Gaza

Ever since I was a child (I am now 52 years old) I remember the YMCA in Gaza.
It is part of the city, it's citizens it's culture and local environment.

No one in Gaza ever thought that the YMCA was for Christians or Moslems. No body ever needed to think who it belonged to. It was for all.
Years latter my children started going to the YMCA. They went to the kindergarten there. The Summer camps, they never thought of who started this place. Everyone in Gaza knew Abu Isaa, and Issa. They are both key figures in Gaza City. All the children, teen ages and then adults knew them. They are known to all more than any political figures and the YMCA is know more that any political party.

Today when I went to the YMCA to see what has happened, I saw all the Gazans there, I did not see only Christians worried about the YMCA, I saw a population terrified about loosing a way life and a culture they loved and some people are trying to eliminate.

We all hope that this is a separate incident condemned by everyone, and will not be repeated.

All Gaza should have a stand against such an incidents and help rebuild and preserve the good relationship between all religions in Gaza.

Mohammad Naja

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