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Monday, February 25, 2008


We are much, much more than your odious banality

Comment that I left on the Guardian's Comment is Free in response to this racist comment by the writer of the blog post:

Petra MB: "There was never any question what "resistance" meant -- killing as many Jewish Israelis as possible, and then celebrating it -- "

Resistance, too, is patiently enduring the sixty year demonisation of Palestinians exemplified so well in the above comment.

Resistance, too, is living with the bitter irony that Petra, a German, who is not from Palestine, may live there, but I, a Palestinian who lives in Germany, may not live there.

Resistance, too, is remembering Kamil Nasir, our beloved poet, who was assasinated by Ehud Barak, who I suppose is a moderate in Petra's warped world, and finding strength in the poet's words we teach to our children:

If my songs should reach you despite the narrow skies around me,
remember that I will return to life,
to the quest for liberty,
remember that my people may call on my soul
and feel it rising again from the folds of the earth.


There are many, many Palestinians like me, whose voices are not represented on CIF. We are much, much more than the banality expressed in the odious comment written by Ms. Marquardt-Bigman.

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