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Saturday, February 09, 2008


Speaking of Heros . . . Alaa

I have posted frequently about the Egyptian superstar football player, Mohamed Aboutreika. Now, I want to post about a less celebrated, but no less a hero than the superstar humanitarian Aboutreika, Alaa Sabagh, but while researching, I see that Lawrence of Cyberia has already posted excellently about Alaa and all of Arna's children. Arna's children are the children of Jenin who were part of Arna Mer Khamis' children's theater in Jenin. Out of the six children featured in the moving film, five of them have been killed by the Zionists; the mother of the surviving child, Zubeida Zakariya, was killed by the Zionists. She donated her house for Arna's theater.

Alaa's picture when he was 12 is always depicted on my blog, as well as his picture when he was a young man. He grew into a handsome young man, but was killed in his prime, like so many Palestinian men, by brutal, racist Zionist forces. In his young picture, he sits amid the ruins of his demolished house; the family was collectively punished because his older brother killed an Israeli occupation soldier.

Alaa went on to become a leader of Al Aqsa Brigades; he defended the town, Jenin, the home of ethnically cleansed Palestinian refugees against Israel's occupation army, which for sixty plus years has invaded, demolished, murdered, maimed, plundered, emptied, and terrorized Palestinians in their own neighborhoods.
According to Lawrence of Cyberia, "At about 11:20 p.m. on 26 November 2002, Israeli aircraft fired a missile into a house on the southwestern side of the Jenin refugee camp, where Ala'a Sabagh was in hiding with Immad Nasharti, the local leader of Islamic Jihad."

This is your Zionism, the ideology that makes whores of my country's representatives. This is the ideology that condones maiming children, demolishing villages, moving in immigrants to enjoy the stolen furniture, houses, orchards, pictures, silverware of the people who have been put on trucks, shot on the roadside if they dare protest. This is your Zionism that expells and deports. This is your Zionism, that shows up on comments boards in all of its shrill and shrieking obscenity, drowning out the voices of reason and justice. This is your light unto the nations; this is your democracy; this is the ideology that turns decent men into liars and panderers. This is your Zionism that imprisons the people who share my blood; this is your Zionism that impells women to give birth in the streets; this is your Zionism that dissembles and obfuscates; this is your Zionism that abuses kids, including the fifty percent of the population of Gaza that is under fourteen; this is the god of US politicians, scared to death lest they lose an election if they don't spew the words the Zionists write for them.

Do you see Alaa, the twelve year old, dazed amid the ruins of his demolished house? Do you see Alaa, the young man with the beautiful smile, Barack Obama? Did you see him eliminated by the fascist invaders? And you have nothing but praise for the country that kills a young man in his prime defending his home? And you have nothing but scorn for the youthful defenders of their parents and their younger siblings? How shameful and how sad to see my country's youthful leaders so compromised and prostituted that they dare not speak up for Alaa, the little boy bewildered when his house was demolished, and the hero who defended the elders and the children of his town against those who want to ensure that the stolen land will be secure for privileged immigrants.

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