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Monday, February 18, 2008


Nakba Archive: Refugees Relate History in Oral Testimonies

Nafisa Sadek from Sheik Dawud
Place of birth: Sheikh Dawud
Date of birth: 1928
Present address: Naher al Bared camp
From Nakba Archive's Oral Testimonies
"A man from our village went to America at that time, and there he met a Jewish man. The latter asked him, 'Do your people in Sheikh Dawoud eat with gold or wooden spoons?' The man from our village answered, 'wooden, of course.' The Jewish told him 'go to the mosque of your village and call Bilal, sit there as long as you can.' When the man came back, he did as the Jewish man told him. The guard of the gold answered, 'if you hadn't said what you did, I would have made you very rich.'
"The Jewish mayor called Mliekha came to our village and asked people not to fight the Jews, but our people refused. Then he advised them to take the stones of the houses with them to Lebanon if they could, to prepare for the bad consequences they would face. On the way, as we were leaving, they stopped us, and they killed my brother, 14 years, and my husband who was 18 at the time".

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