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Saturday, January 26, 2008


Stalemate in Palestine after 60 years


Rami G. Khouri
"Stalemate in Palestine after 60 years"
January 19, 2008

This is a perfect headline, and its amazing how headlining a few choice words can express so much. Communication really is the key to getting the message across and convincing people to care. I wish there were more columnists able to write honestly and compassionately about Palestine.

I think you are very right about the stalemate created by the violence between Israel and Palestine, as well as the fact that Israel will not be able to crush Palestinian resistance. However, the picture is much wider than what happens on the ground within the perimeters of what was once historic Palestine.

Apartheid Israel's real strength is in its ability to gather support and funds worldwide. Zionists really are quite good at PR and propaganda, knowing how to speak as well as who to speak to, thus ensuring that outside support sustains Zionist conquest through thick and thin. Meanwhile, Palestinians, trapped and tormented by racist Israeli laws and walls and constantly forced to contend with the ugly reality of Israel, become more and more furious and frustrated that the justness of their cause is not immediately apparent to the Western world. Many then foolishly cater their side of the conversation to appeal to a sympathetic radical fringe, rather than realizing that the radicalization of the conversation only alienates mainstream outsiders - in particular mainstream America - ensuring that Zionist fundraisers will continue to own and manipulate the conversation to their advantage.

In light of that, I like how you end your article, stressing the importance of negotiations based on respecting international law. It is so simple, and so right, as is full respect for the Palestinians refugees' inalienable right of return to their original homes and lands as clearly affirmed by UN Resolution 194 in 1948.

Anne Selden Annab
Pennsylvania, USA

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