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Monday, January 28, 2008


PCHR: Narratives Under Siege

Palestine Center for Human Rights, Gaza PCHR is publishing a series of "Narratives Under Siege" on their website. "These short articles are based on personal testimonies and experiences of life in the Gaza Strip, and we hope they will highlight the restrictions, and the humanitarian crisis, being imposed on the people of Gaza."

The first one begins

Moin Ali Mahmoud Al-Wadiya was working in the Al-Zaytoun district of East Gaza City when Israeli Occupying Forces invaded Al-Zaytoun on January 15. The forty-eight year old mechanic immediately tried to flee the intense IOF shelling, but when he stopped in order to drag a critically wounded civilian to safety, the ground beneath him exploded. When he regained consciousness in Gaza City's main al-Shifa Hospital, Moin al-Wadiya had lost his left foot. His right leg is smashed, and he has serious lacerations across his stomach. "I have six children," he says, "but now there is no one to support my family."

For the rest of Moin al-Wadiya's story and a photo, please go here.

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