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Sunday, January 27, 2008


Palestinians Bid Farewell to Al-Hakeem, Dr. George Habash

An outpouring of love and respect for Dr. George Habash swept through Palestine today as Palestinians bid farewell to Al-Hakeem, "the doctor."

"Unlike others, Al-Hakeem never saluted a Zionist, never "negotiated" under the Israeli flag, never traded kisses with our people's killers, never knelt before a king, and never stretched a hand in beggary. He remained true to his belief, never oscillating from one political camp to the next in search of a seat of power. Abu Maysa lived and died never distinguishing along religious lines. He was deeply entrenched in the cumulative totality of our Arab history from the Gulf to the Ocean. And while the wretched of our people searched for meager pieces of bread and drops of clean water throughout the Gaza Strip and the camps of exile, he did not reside in a palace, nor did he enjoy pay-offs of treason." Free Palestine Alliance
"With the martyrdom of the founder, the Palestinian people and the Arab nation have lost an icon and a symbol of its resistance, who was firm and committed throughout seven decades of struggle against the enemy of the Palestinian and Arab people, and in confrontation with the forces of oppression, hegemony and injustice. A great leader has fallen, but his ideas, principles and vision will not, as he held to his principles with a courageous and truthful commitment in fighting imperialism and the defeatist forces. Despite all conditions and circumstances, Al-Hakim was always committed to the liberation of Palestine, all of Palestine, from the river to the sea. Palestine has lost today one of its greatest noble committed men. Glory to Al-Hakim!" Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

Photos: Bottom: In Nablus, January 27

Center: In Ramallah, January 27
Top: Jenin, January 27

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