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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

More later on this, but even in my haste to get outta here and to work couldn't resist this comment from "cutnpaste" on a little hasbara story in the Guardian on the Beatles invitation to Israel's commemoration of its sixty (plus) years of home-wrecking, village destroying, and people dispossessing, maiming, and killing:

Wonder what songs the Beatles would play if they had played Israel- here are some ideas (rubbish I know; it's late)

Back from the USSR (to steal land)
I am the war criminalGet back (to Jordan and Egypt Arab scum)
In an occupiers garden
Haifa Sketler
Here comes the Sinai
Please Mr US Congressman
Sheba Fields forever
Hapiness is a warm cluster bomb
Money (That's What I Want)
With a Little Help from My Friends
We never give you your money
She's Leaving Home (after her family lived there for 2000 years)
While my Gaza gently weeps
Twist (reality) and shoot
The Ballad of Sabra and Shatila
A day in the life (of a starving Gazan child)

Salam, Umkahlil: Peace and blessings be unto you.

What do you think of cflweb.org? This is not my website but it seems helpful in contacting Congress concerning Palestine. A check of their mission statement, PRINCIPLES AND ISSUES shows...The Right of Return for all refugees (Palestinian or others)

Thank you for your work. Palestine forever.
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