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Monday, January 21, 2008


The light of our Freedom will disperse the darkness

[Photo]In Ramallah demonstators protest the war crimes perpetuated by Israel on Gaza.

One of the most gleeful of the Israeli goons behind the war crimes in Gaza is Ehud Barak and present Defense Minister, who gets off on dressing up like a woman and killing poets while they sleep.

Kamal Nasser, however, Barak's victim in 1972, has achieved through his words and deeds, immortality. His words inspire hope and inspiration for generations of Palestinians.

Ehud Barak, along with his Zio-nasty buddies, will only be remembered as a heinous ethno-supremacist racist war criminal, who takes pleasure in bombing the poverty-stricken refugees from whose stolen lands they operate.

Most Palestinians tonight are probably just silently screaming like me. How much longer does this go on? How in the hell can people look at pictures of kids on dialysis machines and in incubators that may be turned off? How come bigoted Jewish immigrants from all over the world get to live on stolen Palestinian land? Seventy-five percent of the people in Gaza are refugees who were ethnically cleansed when Palestine was severed by the idiots at the United Nations sixty years ago.

But, amazingly, a powerful photo-essay emerged today amid all the Zionist manufactured misery. Its title: "As long as there is Life, there is hope." It is a stunning story and photos of ethnically cleansed Lifta, rendered by the son of its victims. And while its residents may visit, they may not live there, but it's OK for Jewish squatters from all over the world to live in what remains of their houses that weren't demolished. "As long as there is life, there is hope" is one of many examples that the old have not passed on without teaching us to remember; we have not followed the pernicious plan of the enemy and forgotten Palestine . . . like Kamal Nasser, the contemptible Barak's victim, we will one day return "to pick the fruits." Whenever disheartened by the world's impotence to stop the criminal acts of Israel, we must remember the following words of the voice that Barak in drag couldn't kill, and we will, one day disperse the darkness of this so-called civilization:

If my songs should reach you
despite the narrow skies around me,
remember that I will return to life,
to the quest for liberty,
remember that my people may call on my soul
and feel it rising again from the folds of the earth.

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