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Thursday, January 24, 2008


Israel, A Cancer on Jewish Conscience

From Khalid Amayreh in occupied East Jerusalem
24 January, 2008

In his rabid efforts to impose socialism on independent Ukrainian farmers (the Kulaks), Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin ordered his Red Army to completely cut off Ukraine from the rest of the world. All roads were sealed, all border crossings were closed. Nothing was allowed to go into or come out of the country. Farmers were searched and looted of food and fuel.

Then, soon, Ukrainians began dying of hunger, cold and sickness in great numbers.

The genocide reached its heights in the winter of 1932-1933 when Stalin’s Jewish aide, the notorious mass murderer Lazar Kaganovitch, was dispatched to the Ukraine to accelerate the process of extermination of millions of farmers, middle-class businesspeople and intellectuals. By this time, Ukrainians, facing one of the harshest man-made famine in history, were forced to eat pets, dogs, boots and belts, plus bark and roots. According to some sources, parents even ate infant children.

It is true the situation in Gaza is not identical to the great Ukrainian famine. However, it is also true that the present nightmare in Gaza is menacingly exacerbating by the hour and if the world doesn’t stop the Nazi-minded Israeli leadership sooner than later, Gaza will certainly become an updated version of the Ukrainian genocide.

We must not take chances. Ehud Barak and Ehud Olmert, as well as the rest of the ruling class in Israel are more or less trying to emulate Kaganovitch and Genrich Grigorivic Yagoda, another Soviet Jewish mass murder who probably killed or caused the death of more people than Hitler ever did.

But unlike Kaganovitch and Yagoda, who didn’t seek to hide their genocidal campaigns, Olmert is lying through his teeth about Israel’s genocidal designs against Gaza’s 1.5 million blockaded inhabitants. His claims that Israel will not allow a humanitarian crisis in Gaza are as valid as a veteran whore’s pretensions about her unscathed chastity.

There is no doubt that Israel is effecting a slow-motion genocide in Gaza. This is evidenced from the shocking state of dilapidation and destitution overwhelming the tormented enclave which has been reduced to the largest open-air concentration camp in the world.

According Karen Abu Zayd, Commissioner-General for UNRWA, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees in the Near East, the closure of Gaza by Israel is without precedent.

“Palestinians are effectively incarcerated. The overwhelming majority can’t leave or enter Gaza. Without fuel and spare parts, public health conditions are declining steeply as water and sanitation services struggle to function. The electricity supply is sporadic and has been reduced further along with fuel supply in these past days. UNICEF reports that the partial functioning of Gaza City’s main pumping station is effecting the supply of 600,000 people. Medication is in short supply and hospitals are paralyzed by power failures and the shortage of fuel for generators. Hospital infrastructure and essential pieces of equipment are breaking down at an alarming rate, with limited possibility of repair or maintenance as spare parts are not available….Concrete is in such short supply that people are unable to make graves for their dead. Hospitals are handing out sheets as funeral shrouds.”

Abu Zayd is a great human being and she deserves all praise for her heroic efforts to mobilize the international community to stop the Gaza catastrophe before it blows up irreversibly in the face of the world.

However, it is amply clear that here measured description of the Gaza nightmare is a huge understatement of reality, because Gaza is dying thanks to the sustained genocidal blockade the children, grand children and great grand-children of the holocaust are imposing on these helpless and thoroughly tormented Palestinians.

On Wednesday, 23 January, tens of thousands of penned-in and starved Gazans poured into Egypt after gunmen blasted through the Israeli-built wall separating the Egyptian and Palestinian halves of Rafah. One TV station described the moving outpouring of humanity in Rafah as the “world’s greatest prison escapade.”

The scene of men, women and children pouring through the breaches on foot, by car, or in donkey carts to buy food and other staples and essential goods suggested that Gaza is really facing an extremely difficult situation bordering on an attempted genocide.

The frozen indignation had to been vented. The powder keg had to go off. Only the imbeciles, like George Bush, were surprised by the turn of events.

This is what happens when you pen-in a million and a half human beings in crowded prison, without food, without fuel, without electricity and without hope, while telling a morally-desensitized world that “I am not going to allow a humanitarian crisis in Gaza.”

As the wall came tumbling down in Gaza, it is imperative that Palestinians and their supporters, the millions of free-minded men and women around the world, including many conscientious Jews who value freedom and justice, don’t underestimate the evil intentions and designs of the Zionist entity.

Israel, an evil state ruled by evil politicians who have no regard for morality and humanity. As such, this state will not just sit down and let the Palestinians enjoy a rare moment of triumph, however small and costly it may be.

Barak and Olmert are simply too nefarious and too Satanic to allow a smile to appear on the innocent faces of Gaza children.

This is why it is very likely that Barak, a man who possesses the evilness of Adolph Hitler and the callousness of Joseph Stalin, will try to carry out a new massacre or spate of assassinations to “balance the formula.”

Indeed, Israel has already said that it will tighten the blockade of Gaza and is pressuring the Egyptian government to collude with Israel in order to further torment and starve the helpless Gazans.

Israel simply wants to make sure that Palestinians suffer and die as quietly as possible in order not to provoke the moral conscience of the world. Israel thinks, probably rightly, that a quiet genocide is an unwept genocide that would eventually vanish into oblivion and allow the perpetrators to get away with minimal incriminations.

But, nay, we must never allow ourselves to suffer quietly or indeed die quietly. We must leave no stone unturned until we mobilize the conscience of the world against this evil state that claims to be Jewish but is thinking , behaving and acting like the Gestapo, SS and Wehrmacht.

We must mobilize all free men and women in the four corners of the world in order to prevent Israel from turning Gaza into another Auschwitz, another Treblinka, another Bergen Belsen… another Theresienstadt. We must cross all the red lines if necessary in order to prevent a possible Gaza holocaust from occurring.

The heroic men and women who blasted the wall of shame in Rafah deserve all admiration. We salute them for their sublime act of moral defiance in the face of brute force and moral callousness.

We salute them for flying in the face of cool political calculations. May they live to see the banners of freedom flutter Occupied Jerusalem.

Finally, it is important that we, the peoples of the world who refuse to be enslaved by the promiscuous New World Order, understand that the battle of Gaza is everyone’s battle. It is a battle for the soul of humanity, it is a battle for the moral conscience of the world. It is a battle for light versus darkness, justice versus oppression and truth versus mendacity.

It is a battle that we must not allow ourselves to lose.

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