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Saturday, January 26, 2008


"Breach in Gaza" Reaches New Low for WAPO

This is a comment I left on Soumaya Ghannoushi's Guardian story "Gaza Explodes."

Many of the commentators to the editorial [Breach in Gaza] from the Washington Post to which Petra MB (Comment 1082263) linked criticise the paper for its complicity with Israel's war crimes against the people of Gaza.

A couple (Read them all; they overwhelmingly support the Palestinians refusal to submit to its brutal occupiers and dispossessors):

"This editorial is completely sickening, because it endorses war crimes.
What "movement toward peace" does the foolish editorial writer have in mind? Israel's killing of 35 Palestinians in 4 days in the Gaza Strip? The wave of kidnappings of Palestinian civilians by the Israeli army? The writer's concern for the "terrorized" residents of Sderot (less than 12 killed in 8 years) would be touching if he showed a shred of sympathy for the 1.5 million Gazans who have been unable to move beyond the Gaza Strip (close to 2,000 killed in 6 years, more than 11,000 wounded in that same time period).

You know, you don't have to like Hamas, but that doesn't mean that you can conduct killing sprees in areas in which Hamas members live. Inflicting collective punishment against 1.5 million Palestinians is a war crime, and it is shameful that the Washington Post endorses such homicidal behavior."


"Your comment leaves me with no other conclusion: that the WashPo is an arm of the Jewish state's Ministry of Propaganda."


Several expressed the following sentiment:
"I am so greatly disappointed at this view expressed by the Post. If I was in Gaza I would have knocked down that prision wall a long time ago. Shame on you."


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