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Saturday, December 01, 2007


From Annie's Letters:True Return--No More Forced Transfer and Despair

RE: Israeli leader refers to peril of South African-style apartheid : Cites populations, urges creation of Palestinian state

Dear Editor,

One state, two states, or twenty three mini-states with twenty two of them called Palestine, no matter how many or few states there are supposed to be and what they are called, fact is sovereign Israel's long term racist refusal to respect the Palestinian refugees' inalienable legal right to return to original homes and lands remains a core problem that needs to be resolved ASAP! True return- not more forced transfer and despair."

The claim that it is not possible to "re-establish former sites" is factually erroneous. There is no land better documented than Palestine. As early as 1871, a full and detailed survey (26 sheets with 15,000 names) had been prepared by the [British] Palestine Exploration Fund. In the period 1920-1947, the Survey of Palestine produced detailed maps for the whole of Palestine. After the Israeli occupation of Palestine in 1948, these very same maps, with their Arabic names erased and replaced by Hebrew names, were used by Israel."Is the Right of Return Feasible? by Dr. Salman Abu Sitta August 7, 2001 http://www.palestineremembered.com/Acre/Right-Of-Return/Story440.html

Good answers on how to move forward in positive ways into a just and lasting peace are already here to be explored. Start with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights from 1948 and then please notice all the many detailed maps & guides to the depopulated and present Palestine towns and villages and Holy Sites which (thanks to the information age) are everywhere, helping start the process of a just and lasting peace...

In fact the Partition Plan at this point in time, with Israel still refusing to respect the Palestinians' basic human rights on both sides of that monstrous Israeli made Apartheid wall, in many ways only exasperates that core problem, creating more conflict... And to quote one of my favorite Palestinian writers, Khalid Amayreh : " “Besides, what is a Jewish state? Are you telling me that non-Jews who are citizens of Israel and whose existence on this land preceded and predated you by many hundred of years don’t have the right to equality? What kind of ugly racism is that?” retorted Amayreh. " Israeli radio talk-show host calls on army to arrest Palestinian journalist for “incitement against Jews…and anti-Semitism” Confrontation on the air Al-Quds Press Office East Jerusalem 30 November, 2007

Khalid Amayreh dares speaks the truth about Israeli bigotry in ways that secular America and any one who has visited a Holocaust museum might understand- and Israelis are trying to shut him up. America needs to hear what he has to say- and we need to be seriously supporting and working towards a Rights Based Solution where there is real freedom and respect for all the the people of historic Palestine.


Anne Selden Annab

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