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Saturday, December 29, 2007


Comment Re 'The Ongoing Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine'

Another comment left on Laila El-Haddad's "Smother Until Surrender" for Comment is Free

Photo: Palestineonlinestore
According to the CIA's World Factbook the median age in Gaza is 16; 47.6 percent of the population is fourteen years old or under.

Of its 1,482,405 population, 993,818 are refugees.


Collective punishment, such as what Gaza's children face, is illegal under international law.
The collective punishment along with a host of other depradations inflicted upon Palestinians is evidence that the Palestinian Nakba (Catastrophe) did not end in 1948. Oft quoted comments from Zionist leaders attest to the fact that Zionists always wanted the land without its inhabitants.

Israeli leaders hoped to wipe out the Palestinian collective memory as evidenced by its destruction of hundreds of Palestinian villages; one small example, Sderot built upon the defaced Palestinian village of Najd.


My five children, born in Okinawa, the Philippines, and mainland Japan, wear their Palestine '48 hoodies proudly this Christmas. They, contrary to the statements of those on these boards who dehumanise us, are not inculated with hate, but with pride in their roots, which are in Palestine.

"Even among the youth that has never seen Palestine, the prospect of return remains a sacred goal. 'If I were able to go back to Palestine, I would go immediately,' said Arwa Saleh, a 25-year-old Palestinian journalist living in Cairo. 'Why would I give up my right? I can't imagine that anyone would.'"


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