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Friday, December 21, 2007


Bethlehem checkpoint, 4am

Some more videos on Israel's Berlin Wall surrounding the birthplace of The Christian Messiah -

Bethlehem 2007 AD
posted by macfishmedia
18 Dec 2007

Bethlehem Christmas cancelled: The Wall must fall
posted by SteveLeicesterUK
06 Dec 2007

Across the UK on Christma Eve, there will be a TV programme broadcast from Bethlehem (I'n not sure if it will be live).
Here are its details -
'Little Town of Bethlehem'
Mon 11.15pm - 12.15am
repeated again Thurs 12.15am

I believe this programme can't be recorded and then uploaded to YouTube because it is copyrighted.

Maybe some bright spark can find a way to record it and have it legally hosted on the web in some way - I'm sure Palestinian Christians, the world over, would appreciate it!

all the best U!
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