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Saturday, December 01, 2007


'The Awful Parenthesis' Before the Dawn

Hence it is, that when the deed is done, when the work of darkness is perfect, then the world of darkness passes away like a pageantry in the clouds: the knocking at the gate is heard; and it makes known audibly that the reaction has commenced; the human has made its reflux upon the fiendish; the pulses of life are beginning to beat again; and the re-establishment of the goings-on of the world in which we live, first makes us profoundly sensible of the awful parenthesis that had suspended them.

Thomas De Quincey On the Knocking At the Gate in Macbeth

"Profound Sense' of 'The Awful Parenthesis' Still 'Suspended'

The 3-year-old Palestinian boy who died at the camp had been suffering from rickets, a bone disease caused by lack of vitamins and minerals, as well as pneumonia. The other Palestinian child, whose resettlement approval was pending, was a 14-year-old suffering from Hodgkin's disease. Death of Two Palestinian Children in Iraq

The 'Reaction Commences' and Recommences

" . . . adopting the strategy—land for refugees—is not wise. Today, the number of Palestinian refugees residing outside Palestine exceeds the number of Palestinians living in Occupied Palestinian Territory. Moreover, with the rights of Palestinian citizens inside Israel as well as internally displaced Palestinians still hanging in abeyance, the PLO will be unable to claim to legitimately sign onto an “end of conflict” agreement that Israel wants. Instead, it is time to challenge Israel’s ethnic desires and the concept of a “Jewish state” rather than continuing to view Palestinians as a “demographic threat” instead of individuals whose rights must be upheld for comprehensive peace to be achieved. Without so doing, the international community will have promoted the very racist ideals that it has long sought to eliminate." Diana Buttu in Palestinian Refugees and Negotiations

So that the 'Pulses of Life' May 'Beat Again'

To the exiled and the occupied we say you shall return and you shall remain and we will prevail, for our cause is just We will put on our embroidered robes and kafiyehs in the sight of the world and celebrate together on the day of liberation the land of Palestine.

Haydar Abd al-Shafi, Madrid 31 October 1991, Opening Statement

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