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Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Making Room for Florida Immigrants to Palestine

Israel murdered these two boys from Jenin on October 23 to make room for Jon Schwartz (photo second from bottom) of Florida and the other supremacist immigrants from North America pictured above. Indigenous Palestinians are caged, murdered, ethnically cleansed, starved and humiliated so that privileged Zionist Jews from all over the world may thrive on stolen property and come and play soldier. Tell me why 7.2 million Palestinian refugees should accept that any Jew from anywhere in the world who has never set foot in Palestine may become an automatic citizen when Palestinians are denied their universal right to return to their actual property and homes.

these Kartofel-faced nibs get my ire up every time! The very first thing that NEEDS to be done is to get at the very minimum a moratorium on this influx. It probably cannot technically be done, but there should be awareness-making that it is a gigantic problem! (as we know Aliyah is just getting people their Upward Mobility they think they deserve, going towards new job opportunities.) I could see (although I don't agree to it at all) religious Zionists going, because they want to be near their sacred sites, but these others are certainly not very "spiritual" looking, and they are bodies to fill Israel so as to keep it Western/American and in full control.

Fight that good fight, DOWN with ALIYAH and expose it for the rotten racism that it is.
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