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Saturday, October 20, 2007


Anywhere But Home

Young Palestinian refugees [refugees from the Refugee Camp Nahr Al-Bared] rest on mattresses in a school classroom in Beddawi [Refugee Camp]. Said a seventy-year old Palestinian woman who took refuge from Nahr Al-Bared and who is leaving the Beddawi camp: "I am relieved that we are leaving, but where do we go now?"

Maybe she'll go to Brazil. At least one hundred Palestinian refugees who were living in Iraq because they were ethnically cleansed from Palestine have been resettled in Brazil while 237 Brazilian Jews immigrated to historic Palestine in 2004.

If one is Jewish, according to Israel's Law of Return, one becomes an automatic citizen upon arrival in historic Palestine, no matter from where one comes. But if one is a Palestinian refugee, one of 7.2 million due to the establishment of the so-called "Jewish" state on top of Palestine, one may, if one's lucky, escape a refugee camp on Jordan's border, and go to Brazil. Seems as if anywhere is OK for the Palestinian . . . anywhere except home.

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