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Monday, August 06, 2007


The Olive and the Fig Will Prevail

Visiting Sequoia National Park again on a return trip to my native California illustrates for me the utter depravity of Zionism, which deliberately destroys, when not appropriating for itself and passing on as its own, Palestinian culture. Zionism's rotten core is exemplified dramatically by the woman clinging to a hacked olive tree, courtesy of racist supremacist Jewish immigrants, who in order to sustain their Jews preferrred and privileged state deny Palestinians the basic right to return to their rightful lands and who are going all out to diminish Palestinian presence on the tiny parts of their historical homeland left to them.

Imagine, if simply because one was not the right religion, one couldn't return to one's native California to show his/her children its beaches, deserts, mountain ranges, trees. I am certain, however, that the days of Zionism's unnatural and inhumane practices, in order to sustain its Jewish demographics are numbered.

In California, the General Sherman Tree, over two thousand years old and the largest living thing in the world is revered. Would that Zionism's acolytes honored basic tenets of humanity instead of continuing to destroy icons of Palestine's culture and more importantly, Palestine's children. Imagine state sponsored bulldozing of trees of Sequoia National forest. Imagine state sponsored targeting of California's children and young men. Imagine state sponsored demolition of California homes. This is the legacy Jewish immigrants have bequeathed to Palestine's true heirs. This is Zionism's past and present for Palestine's people. The future however will see the wane of ugly concrete settlement blocks and with the return of Palestine's true heirs the restoration of the olive and the fig.

The picture of the woman hugging the tree... I've seen this picture so many times before. I wonder who she is... to an extent, she reminds me of my grandma because even at an old age she liked to be close to trees.

May I ask you... why do you think that the days of "zionism" to substain jewish demographics are numbered?

And as an immigrant to the US from Latin America who cannot go back to her homeland for various reasons you might guess... "Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country." I totally agree with this right.

peace out
Did you know that the "Hollyocrisy" petition has been hijacked?

I see that. Did you notice that even the Academic Boycott works to the Zionist's advantage . . . an opportunity for them to get many signatures in opposition from leading college presidents.
infamous jest:

I'm hopeful that right will prevail and that respect for basic human rights will counter the negative effects of Zionism. The internet provides an opportunity for people to speak out in ways not possible before. It will take hard work for those of us living in countries free to write and speak. Today one sees Palestinian-Americans published in mainstream newspapers in the US: Ali Abunimeh, George Bisharat, Saree Makdisi, also Palestinians like Dr. Mona El-Farra. Also, letters by Anne Selden Annab are frequently published in major US newspapers. If enough Palestinian Americans and Palestinians focus on right of return without getting distracted with other issues, I think Americans will listen, and once ordinary citizens are educated, the politicians will follow. Effective media work is essential; we are up against an extremely well financed and huge Zionist propaganda apparatus whose sole purpose is to deceive while really in the service of a Jews preferred and privileged sttae.
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