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Monday, July 09, 2007


Zionism's Ugly Reality

Privileged Jews from the UK, Canada, and US continue to immigrate to Jews preferred and privileged Israel, totally unconcerned that Israel is solely responsible for 7.2 million Palestinian refugees. Photo of our era's bigoted supremacist from July 9, Arutz Sheva. A particulary obnoxious looking couple from Canada hyped about living on stolen land in a country empowered by a heavily Zionist influenced press and US and Canadian lawmakers in matching tee-shirts.

The kids play in a Baddawi refugee camp parking lot. The parking lot is also their home. They are refugees from Nahr Al Bareed Refugee Camp in Lebanon. This would make their grandparents refugees for the third time in their lives.
Al-Hul Refugee Camp for Palestinian refugees fleeing Iraq.
"From Four Corners On The Wings of Eagles" headlines the Jewish immigrant photo-essay. The Zionists and their present day acolytyes who dispossessed the Palestinians sending them into years of exile are anything but "eagles." More like vultures preying upon the rightful heirs of Palestine.

On the positive side, as a Canadian I am happy to see Zionist bigots leave my country.

Too bad they have to go to yours.
You're right, the photo essay is absolutely nauseating.

I just found your blog and it is mind-blowing. I can say that the most disturbing image in general is that of an american flag and an israeli one...

I'll continue to visit your blog

the universal declaration of human rights is a beautiful piece of work... I wish there were some sort of army of citizens of Earth rather than independet nations to enforce it...

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