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Sunday, June 17, 2007


Ramallah Then and Now

Ruth Raad wears the traditional costume of Ramallah in a picture from 1943, printed in Walid Khalidi's Before Their Diaspora.
And on the left fighters of Fatah near Ramallah's Manara as shown in a New York Times picture from yesterday.
Which Ramallah do you prefer?

perfect post!

well done- says it right..and exactly what i see & feel...

thanks umkahlil- love your blog!
I prefer the quietness.
I really prefer that ramallah will stay quiet.. And I really hope that the situation will not get any worse.
Please visit my blog, I have dedicated my last post to the anarchy in Gaza.
Asad al nimr,
I wish there were a time machine... simply to revisit the old days before Europe came to meddle in regions of the earth like Latin America and the Middle East and Asia...

I like her outfit =) she looks beautiful.

sigh, guns scare me.
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