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Tuesday, June 19, 2007


How About Universal Declaration of Human Rights First?

Oil Painting By Tamam Shammout

Letter writer Annie Annab never loses sight of the forest for the trees. A cogent letter in response to a Washington Post op-ed and which could serve as response to many involved in the highly lucrative "peace process" and to the myriads of stories written about Israel-Palestine.

Dear Editor,

How about 1948's Universal Declaration of Human Rights first- with the highest priority on fully honoring and respecting the Palestinian refugees inalienable legal, moral, ethical and natural right of return to original homes and lands... then figure out what is next.

One State OR two OR even ten, the Palestinian refugees and all those pushed into exile and poverty by blatantly racist Israeli laws and walls and other such barbaric Zionist policies, must first go home with reparations and the ability to rebuild decent lives one by one by one.

Let Palestine return step by step to be what it can with warmth and love and compassion and hope- and reparations- as the real people of the land come back home to empower peace with the rule of fair and just laws.

Anne Selden Annab

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