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Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Ajami: Shilling to the Bitter End

Photo: Kamal Nasser

RE: Brothers to the Bitter End

Dear Editor:

Ehud Barak's characterization as "soldier-statesman" by Fouad Ajami clearly indicates an op-ed replete with worthless punditry. Barak, dressed up as a woman extrajudicially executed Palestinian statesman and poet Kamil Nasir in 1973.

An example of Nasir's work:

If my songs should reach you despite the narrow skies around me,

remember that I will return to life,

to the quest for liberty,

remember that my people may call on my soul

and feel it rising again from the folds of the earth.

from "Letter to Fadwa"

Spare us Arab shills for Israel who would accommodate one very racist Jews preferred and privileged state. Instead honor the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and let the dispossessed Palestinian refugees, who true statesmen like Nasir championed, return to the land which is rightfully theirs.

Nancy Harb Almendras


fouad ajami is a bootlicker, an uncle tom, a slave.

fouad, get me a coffee with sugar and a newspaper. wash your hands first. wipe the dribble on the corner of your mouth. be quick. why do i have to tell you how to wipe your ass. you are worth less than a dog.
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