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Sunday, March 18, 2007


A Presentation of the Palestinian Traditions


from Deeback

The whole "what did the Jewish students do?" question on the YouTube discussion is amusing, to say the least. HUJI, like HaTikvah neighborhood in Tel Aviv, or Beit Shemesh, or Musrarah, is going to be one of the many places where Palestinian culture, at least material culture of food, housing, and popular dance*, is going to be immediately intelligible to Israeli Jews either because of education or (perhaps more likely in the popular quarters noted above) because of descent from the cultural traditions of the Jewish communities of the Arab world. The fact that the Palestinian commentators did not expect the Jews to "get it" in some fundamental way shows perhaps (and this would be something worth knowing, but they offer no further commentary) an overinvestment in a narrative of All-Jews-as-European-foreigners-who-have-no-business-here. Reality is a great deal more fuzzy and messy than most people appreciate, and it occurs to me that previous generations and the current one had/have a wider experience of Israel/Palestine as a mixed space than the nakba/ "baby boomer" generation of Edward Said/Benny Morris/Ilan Pappe's pessimism.

*spoken Arabic and non-material Arab cultural forms are apparently dying out among Mizrahi Jews, as normative Hebrew culture among Mizrahim is now in its 4th or 5th generation.
Nice post which this gathering make them happy. Many of tradition came from the cultural groups. Thanks a lot for posting this article.
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