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Saturday, March 24, 2007


La Ahada Yalam (No One Knows)

"I'm trying to promote the Palestinian culture, and so I try to explain my situation, not only to talk about myself, but about my people. I'm part of my people. But the main thing is to survive as a Palestinian, because you don't know a lot about Palestinian creative people because of the war." Amal Murkus

La Ahada Yalam by Amal Murkus: "Summer Camp in Bir'im Video"

by Nizar Zreik

No one knows

whose turn it will be tomorrow.

The skies above the refugee camp are grey.

Dreams hastily scrawled on the walls.

Beneath the slogans

the children from the city

play their game.


No-one knows, no-one knows.

The heroes of today are announced dead

on the evening news.

Ordinary people make the headlines

for a few seconds,

only to vanish

without a trace

in the current

of another day's events.

No-one knows, no-one knows.

But I know that tomorrow's victims

will bring a new dawn closer.

No one knows.

translated by Robert Wyatt

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